Tips for writing a CV

As we know for hunting a good professional job we must need to write a good and professional CV. Writing a good and professional CV is one of the toughest challenges for job hunting. Your CV is the first impression of the interviewer. And we all know that “the first impression is the last impression”. So in this writing, we will discuss tips for writing a good and professional cv.

Keep it Real: You just need to keep your CV accurate and real. Employers only spent few seconds reviewing the CV of the candidate. You don’t need to add any extra line or thing to your CV. Just keep it to the point and save the details to speak orally during the interview.

Tailor it: Many candidates use the same CV format at the same time. But this doesn’t leave a good impression on the employer. You have to take your time to rewrite the CV just according to you. Clearly state each qualification, experience, and each role that you apply for. Read about the job carefully and perfectly highlight those skills that are regarding the job.

Include a Personal Statement: Don’t just assume that how the employer will relate your experience and skills to the job. But you also have to write a short personal statement in which you have explained that why you are best for this job.

Choose the best tool: For writing a CV you must need to choose the best tool for creating and editing your CV at the time of need. We recommend you to write your CV in pdf format as pdf format is secure and can easily be shared and transferred from one source to another.

For this purpose here is a tool named is a free online tool that helps you to write a CV in pdf format.

It also allows you to edit, modify your CV at any time and even you can convert your document format into many other formats. This tool is secure and totally free of cost. There is no need to install this tool just go online and go to and start creating and editing your documents.

Keep it current: Keep your CV up-to-date whether you are looking for a job or not. Each and everything that significantly occurs in your career record it so at the time you will not forget to add those things or points in the CV.

Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes: Make your CV error-free. There must be no grammatical and spelling mistakes in your CV. Carefully check your CV from a grammatical perspective.

Make it attractive: Must make your CV that looks attractive and good. Today we are living in a digital world where images are very important and everything. So must add a professional image to your CV and choose an attractive template for your CV. Use bullet points and keep your sentences short and easy to understand.

Make it Keyword friendly: Sometimes you need to upload your CV to the job portal. So your CV must be keyword friendly in order to rank your CV to that particular job site. By using friendly keywords recruiters can find you on a first basis. Job titles and job buzzwords will help a search engine pick out your CV from the pile. That’s why friendly keywords are very important.