Tips for Finding Quality Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolled joints are the fanciest trend in areas where recreational marijuana is legalized. Buying pre-rolls is a convenient way of getting the desired effects of marijuana. Additionally, it is a perfect birthday gift, or any other fun event, such as barbecues and concerts.

It is daunting to know what is inside the pre-rolled joint. Not all your weed dealers are there to offer a great experience, therefore, you need to be keen. In this article, we will look at how to tell the quality of pre-rolls. Here are some hacks to help you know a joint’s quality before you hit your first puff.

Question Your Budtender

Any reputable budtender knows that any cannabis question can make or break their name. They would rather drive for miles to get you quality pre-rolled joints rather than low-quality joints from the neighborhood. Your budtender should be the first person to ask any question about pre-rolled joints.

They are likely to have smoked the pre-roll themselves or heard customers’ feedback, or a coworker who has previously smoked the joints. While not all budtenders are trustworthy or informed, a good number of them would go the extra mile to serve their customers well. A simple question such as “How are the pre-rolls?” should ignite a conversation.

Check the Producer

Demand for pre-rolls is increasing tremendously, and cannabis companies are maximizing this business opportunity. Companies that specialize in pre-rolls only strive to deliver quality joints. The contents of these joints are comparable to finely curated flowers sold in bags, canisters, and jars. If the pre-rolls come from a producer specializing in pre-rolls, there are higher chances that the joints will be decent.

Price Tells A Lot

When buying cannabis, you get what you pay for. Generally, refined pre-rolls are relatively expensive. When you get a five-dollar pre-roll, you expect it to be terpene-rich and powerful enough that you don’t even need two of them. The light shining down the joint is so luminous that even the tip spontaneously combust.

Five bucks are too little to expect much; they will only get you high in a cheap, convenient, and mobile way. The same applies to promotional joints offered in several dispensaries. You expect them to make a profit since they aren’t philanthropists.

On the other hand, if you buy your pre-rolls at twenty bucks, you will be pretty certain that you are on your way to a better experience. Charging a premium price for a joint is a unique way of telling that you won’t have enough of it. Additionally, if you get pre-rolls in a well-designed pack or tin, that’s a way of telling that you are getting value for your money.

Use Your Nose

Using your nose is a smart way of telling the quality of a pre-roll. If the pre-roll isn’t sealed, pop it at the top and take a whiff. Grade A cannabis is fresh, rich in terpenes, and has a dank aroma. If you are getting some funny blend of diesel, pine, lemon, cloves, lavender, berry, or other scents, you know it’s not the right quality.

Additionally, if the pre-roll is smelling like campfire or bark, don’t waste your time on it. That’s an indication that there are higher chances stems were ground up and assorted with flowers. Also, synthetic smells are something to watch since maybe somebody used pesticides during the harvest.

There is a significant difference between getting a cheap pre-roll and spending your money on a premium joint. If you don’t have time to prepare your joint at home, make sure you consider quality when buying a pre-roll. When you get a quality pre-roll, you will have a sense of accomplishment that you got value for your money.