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Tips For Choosing A Press Release Distribution Service

Using press release distribution services is an option and solution in today’s digital era. Especially for people who want to promote or do a branding process for themselves or their business. Usually, when this is done, advertising in the media is the right choice. However, everyone knows that advertising is not easy. Not to mention having to pay a fairly expensive fee so that ourselves or our business can be displayed in media such as television.


One type of service that is safe to promote a business is a service with a warranty in it. With this, the results to be obtained later can be suitable and good for publication. As well as the authenticity of content can be guaranteed by service providers. This will not cause the entrepreneur to lose or be disappointed with the results. Because there is often a misunderstanding when the information conveyed does not match the actual situation to the public. This of course can be detrimental to press release service users where their promotions fail due to these mistakes. Because it is important to choose a service that is willing to revise content before it is published to the public.

Fast and Quality

Consideration of price is an important factor for selecting services. Please note, good quality is not always measured by expensive rates. You must ensure that the content produced has an appropriate language structure and has an informative nature to convey promotions to the public. Because it could be that the fantastic rates are not commensurate with the results in the form of inappropriate articles.

To get press release services that are safe for business, you can compare these service providers. As well as being diligent in looking for information in the service because the content to be published can attract public attention to the effort and be accepted by the publisher.

Media Outlet

It is also important to know media outlet they offer. Some of best press release distribution services have many media outlets network that they will offer. Make sure you choose based on the value you want to expose to customers. What value you want to show? It is always crucial to stick with the brand value in choosing right media and brand ambassador because it could be like a boomerang when you cross the line. Make sure you know the media outlet list and choose the relevant one for your press release. 

Why Portfolio and Revision Matter in Choosing PR Distribution service

In today’s easy-paced era, there are many paths that you can take when you want to make your business better known to many people. One way is to use a press release distribution service. Not much different from advertising, but press releases are mostly in the form of content published on the internet such as Google by well-known online media. Even though using this service is easy, you need to be careful in choosing it. So it is important for users or people who need press release services to know and choose trusted and experienced services. If you are still confused about choosing a good service, you have to think about the basic, the portfolio and revision. 

The first step in determining the best press release provider is to choose a service that has a portfolio. Instead, look for services with a large number of portfolios, because the more they have, the better. It means that the owner of this service is very trusted, is a professional and expert in making press releases and distributing it. You can check the brands they have worked. From this portfolio, then you can determine the budget. It will require higher budget when you found out that the service you chose has worked with popular brand because it must have risen their value and price. 

Another thing to choose is about revision. Now it is very easy to find and find press release service providers around us. However, to find out the quality of these services, choose the easiest one when the collaboration will take place. Therefore, you can determine which services receive revisions and fix things that are not right or wrong according to service users. Because many of these services are hands-off after the work is done to their users, of course it is very troublesome and makes service consumers disappointed. For this reason, prioritize the search for the right service in press work in accordance with the wishes and goals of press release users.

Press release services are varied and many in terms of quality, credibility and price are available in the service itself. If you want the process of disseminating information properly and precisely, make sure to choose the best press release distribution service with the criteria mentioned above. The two basic considerations will help you to choose the service wisely before you go to another consideration list. 

Making Effective Press Release

Basically a press release is a news. But, unlike news in general, press releases have specific goals. Thus, press releases are indeed “not ordinary news”. The objectives of a press release, among others, are: to provide new information (products, promotions, policies, decisions, etc.), to clarify a matter, and to form an image (companies, institutions, and individuals). The following are ways to make a press release right on target:

Target and Media Identification

The press release maker must identify to whom the press release will be delivered. All of the identification of these “media maps” will make the purpose of creating a press release easier to achieve.

Press Release Contents

A good press release, first of all, has to be clear and catchy. It is clear in terms of the information provided (numbers, sequence of events, names of competent sources, good and effective grammar, straightforward paragraphs) and interesting, in terms of the problems presented, and writing techniques.

Press Release Format

Press releases should be made in hardnews format or with an inverted pyramid system. (The most important news elements are at the top of the paragraph, and the bottom contains additional information). With this format, it makes it easier for the media to trim without losing its essence if the press release is considered too long. Many companies forget about the format. It is important to respect the media format. Companies should just follow the rule to get their PR published in their media. So, submit it with high respect to the guideline that every media has given to your company. 

Delivering a Press Release, does it need to hire press release distribution service?

Press releases can be delivered by sending directly to the intended media, holding a meeting (press conference) or a combination of both. Things to watch out for: the time for the press meeting / conference. If there is a press conference, it is better if it is not long in the morning and competent sources will definitely attend. In certain circumstances, an agency sometimes has to issue a press release and may not invite journalists. In this condition, the most important thing is that the press release is sent several hours before the deadline for the media and it is confirmed that the media has received it. If you want to deliver your PR in right media, you need to hire best press release distribution service. It will be so effective if you also do research on media outlet they offer. 

Keys to Write Catchy Press Release

Writing a press release does take time, research and skill. That is why many companies hire press release distribution service because they are not sure about the PR skill. It happens in startup companies.  Writing a compelling press release must be able to get the reader into an emotional situation that seems to throw the reader or listener at the choices we have made. Not many companies are aware about the quality of PR. They just want to gain attention through it. The time has been shifted and people who work in public relations must work harder to stay relevant especially in making the press release for the company. To get the press release you want, you may need these keys

  1. Creativity for linking

If you choose best press release distribution service, you may not think about creativity. When you want to make your own PR, think creatively. If you have experienced an incident, where there is a song that continues to fill the contents of your head and the people around you for a certain period of time, then you know whether something that can boost creativity hook you. To get creative in linking, you need to spend some time doing research before starting to write press releases and post news through blogs on competitive industries, gather information on press releases and information. Use the success information you have as a guide for writing press releases, but focus on writing for specific segments that get them to react or share.

  1. Show great titles

If you are reader, you must know how important the title is. You should create creative and eye catching title to get first attention of the reader. It is based on your marketing goal. If you want to promote your value, then you can try to create title that could manifest your brand value. Your readers may not think about what company you are linked in your press release but when you can share the good stories, you will get their attention. Try to create stories in your press release. It will lead attention because it is interesting. Don’t limit yourself to pay attention in other press release, you can start to learn their strategy. You may be able to catch different angle in telling stories through press release. Create catchy title to gain attention and wait the reaction from your readers. 

Tips in Delivering Press Release

When we are thinking about submitting press release, we can contact the journalist or hiring press release distribution service. If you want to successfully deliver it, you can follow these tips. 

Avoid Fake media

Avoid choosing fake online media. Even though most of them offer cheap and affordable prices, it is absolutely necessary to do some checking beforehand. Even though they provided evidence of high traffic or a lot of viewers, at this time it could be manipulated easily. If this happens and you choose fake media, of course your needs are very small to be fulfilled. Indeed, articles and information are still being distributed, but the engagement that is needed may not be what you want. That is why, it is very important for you to choose a press release service that is truly trusted and not tinny. There is nothing wrong with choosing a service or national press release that is experienced and issues a higher budget, as long as your needs and desires are well realized.

Choose Trusted Services

If you don’t have much time in contacting journalist, then hire best press release distribution service. One way to get quality press release service providers is of course by choosing a trusted service. You can find this out by looking at the track record of the services you want to choose. You can see how the service history will be selected. This trust issue is of course an important thing, so that you don’t get any losses in the future. To get a trusted service, try to pay attention to whether there have been previous cases or problems with the customer or not? See also, how have previous customer assessments of the service, can their needs be properly resolved or are they not responsible at all?

Check out the site

When you choose to use a press release service, the first thing to do is look at the site. As is well known, when you choose the way to use a press release, of course everything is done in online media. The service provider will share or disseminate the information you want to share with the general public. Of course, one of them through their own site. In order to get maximum results, you should also make sure that the service can reach the target market you need. Also, see how many views you can get when you use the service. Of course, the more viewers who see the information shared, the more likely it is that your information will be known by many people.

Common Way to Distribute Press Release

Making good PR is indeed requiring new skill every day to make sure that the company is always relevant to their customers. They need to keep updated. There is no wonder if you found companies hiring press release distribution service. The PR team could really help the companies to do the brand awareness through their research. When it has come to brand awareness especially for new product, PR team has difficulty in reaching media to publish their PR. It happens to many startup companies. 

We know that writing an article published by national news is an extraordinary achievement in the world of content writing. Every online news media has different writing standards and news values. Not all writings are eligible for publication from national news. Therefore, in this article we will briefly discuss how your writing can get publication by the news media. This thing goes same to press release. Many companies struggle to reach media to publish their press release. 

There are so many news in global media that you can pitch so that your writing can be reviewed by the editorial team. It will be very useless if you have a good writing idea that is not known by the editorial team. Then you need to distribute press releases to reach the editorial team and introduce your articles. There is common way to distribute press releases: cold email

Cold Email

The most common way is by sending an email directly to the editorial team. Usually you can get the editorial email contact on the about us page, about us, or the editor on the news site. When sending e-mails, make sure that the e-mails you compose are personal, short and to the point. Every day, the editorial team gets thousands of emails wanting to get published on their news site. So the editorial team doesn’t want to waste time just reading long emails. Then you also have to make the email subject interesting and different from other emails. 

It is clear that you will not only send the email to just one media, you also need to reach many media that will help your company to publish your press release. You can sort them out and choose media outlet that has relevant value to your company. Once you get all the contacts do the cold email. If you don’t want to take time a lot in distributing your PR, you can start looking best press release distribution services around you. 


Why Press Release Matters?

Maybe there are still many people who are not familiar with press release distribution services or the press release itself. Press release is an information and is made by the public relations of a company or service provider to manage existing information and is forwarded to mass media such as newspapers, television, radio, magazines or social media, and can also be aimed at journalists. The purpose of a press release is to provide the intended information and be published to the wider community. Because it is related to the data submitted regarding a product or service, events and other activities must be conveyed accurately and able to attract the interest of the public, a service that is expert in this field and proven credibility is needed. Because publishing article content is not easy and difficult to do on your own, more clearly we can see the importance of this goal:

Build trust

Companies that want to release a product or service for their business need this service as information on the brand to the wider community. The role of this service is very important for the business itself because public views are very important in the integrity of producers. So choose a maker or press release service that is good and can build a good image.

Easy to reach information

When a company publishes a story in the media, the public will receive the information easily and quickly. For this reason, the data published by business entities is widely known by the public and makes them interested in finding and knowing more about the producer.

Provide news with real business conditions and describe the advantages of the company, it will create public trust in the products or services that are published in the press release. Do not forget to publish content with interesting and selling words so as to invite many consumers to buy or use the business entity’s brand

Get the awareness

When you have found the best press release distribution service, the brand awareness you will get will be so huge and it is so impactful to your company. That is why it is crucial to choose the right service when it has come to distribute or publish your PR. The reason why best service could be so impactful is their networking to media. Right choice in publishing the PR could be so beneficial especially if you choose the media with potential readers. 


How Press Release Service Helps Company in Digital Era

In the digital era, there are many ways to promote a company, business, or product. One way is with press releases. It’s no wonder that today many companies are looking for press release services. When viewed from the task force, regarding this press release is the job or task of the public relations department that always exists in a company. Where the activity or making of press releases aims to do branding for companies and products that are done online. Although it can also be done offline. However, because the digital era of the internet and online is more dominant, more press release activities are carried out online. In fact, there are many platforms available and can have a huge impact. At least there are several reasons or benefits that you can get when making a press release. Mainly for the company. Come on, see the following details!

To introduce a product or company

The first benefit or reason that can be obtained with press release distribution services is to introduce a product or company. For companies, introducing products to a wide audience is a must. Especially when your company has just launched a new product. Likewise, when your company has just started. By making a press release, all information about your product or company can be disseminated quickly to the wider community. That way, the public can become aware of the presence of the product you launched or the company that was just established. The longer it takes, of course your business can be better known to the public and it is likely that sales of finished products will increase.

Easier News Releases

For a company, making a press release is easy and can be done alone. Especially if they already have a relative public section and have a large or high audience. So that by distributing press releases to customers, usually it can be considered sufficient. But what if you want to get company news to a wider reach? Or, for example, you don’t have a customer. So using press release services is the solution.

When using best press release distribution services, of course you will get an experienced and professional team. Of course, you not only get parties who are willing to work on making press releases but you also get a team to develop the news so that it can be optimized. Moreover, news releases are easier to do and don’t have to wait long or use difficult techniques. That way, the big impact that can later be felt can certainly make products in demand in the market.


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