Tips and tricks must know before playing any Dream11 contest

Fantasy Cricket’s popularity has increased manifolds in recent times and the oldest fantasy app, Dream11 has been one of the main reasons for the popularity of the game. Now that at least one in five sports fans play fantasy cricket, it is not going to be easy to win. Dream11 has Daily Users in Crores and in order to stand-out, you need a good plan and a bit of luck.

While you cannot control the luck factor, you can always come up with a good plan. Here are a few tips and tricks one must know before playing any Dream11 contest.

1 – Knowing the right match:

The popularity of Dream11 has increased and the app now provides fantasy cricket games even for local matches, there are T10 leagues, club cricket too, something one might not be aware of. So, before investing money, you must be at least aware of the players and their form. For international matches, one can easily find the record of a particular player but for local matches, knowing about the form and the players’ performances are enough considering most of the fantasy players will undergo the same struggle and here, luck will play a major role.

2 – Research:

If you are going for an international match prediction, even though you know the players, you must do the necessary research to know about the players’ current form, their form against the team, venue records. These are the minimum. If you can, you can also keep an eye on the batting position, the shuffle in the line-up, the importance of toss, home and away records, Weather reports and most importantly, the players’ role in the team.

For example- Not every all-rounder will be bowling his/her’s full quota and not all listed the all-rounders will have an opportunity to bat. Also, a few all-rounders might not get to bowl at all. You must know about the exact role of the player.

For example, Hardik Pandya is usually named under the all-rounder’s category but in a recent few match, he couldn’t bowl because of the injury he sustained and batted lower down the order.

3 – Creating your Team:

You must keep in mind that different combinations work in different leagues. Usually, a prime team with all the major players work in a Head-to-Head contest while a ‘risky’ team will come in handy in the Grand League. By risky team, we mean a team with a lesser-known player who is a bit consistent. Thankfully, Dream11 allows us to make 11 different teams for a particular game in most of the small leagues and Grand League.

Here, make sure to keep the marquee players as such and change one or two players accordingly and since the captain and vice-captain grab us more points, you can shuffle them in your teams.

If you are a superstitious person, keep in track of the special days in cricketers’ life. The stars tend to perform very well on that particular day. Of course, we have seen Rohit Sharma scoring a double hundred on his anniversary. It might sound weird but Dream11 prediction is based on luck to