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Tinkerer invents crazy bike that shouldn’t actually work – WhatsNew2Day


A real novelty on the two-wheeler market: the bike with square tires!

With this bike gets the Anglo-Saxon saying Thinking outside the box a new meaning: because this velocipede has square (i.e.: box-like) tires. Reads Gaga, but is relatively ingenious from an engineering point of view.

The accompanying video was published on the YouTube channel The Q. In the self-description of the channel is from Scientific Videos and more the speech.

The video with a total length of almost seven minutes gives an impression of the effort with which the box bike was conceived and built.

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How does the box bike work?

How did the inventor behind the box vehicle get the wheel newly invented? Below are some of the stages of the journey to the finished vehicle:

  • A square support frame ensures stability: The rails rotate in it
  • A spinning gear: Installed on each of the four corners of the square hoop
  • It has to be a pair of bicycle chains: The chains are welded together using small steel plates
  • An ordinary bicycle tire: Will be cut into slices
  • Screws are attached: These hold the rubber of the tires to the rail

If you can’t get enough of everyday inventions, click into Duy Linh Dinh. An invention is presented that aims to make taking out the garbage obsolete.

Opinion: The box bike has no actual added value – and the tried and tested round tire bike will certainly not be replaced by the cube bike. The freaky velocipede is still amazing.

A note: in the video above, the bike only goes straight. The moving image does not show whether proper bike tours with sharp curves and hilly terrain are possible. But: Even without a zigzag course, this two-wheeler technology is undoubtedly impressive.

Clicked on: If you still want to find out more about out-of-the-box bicycles and other freaky tech gimmicks, click on the Instagram page of theq-original over – or click into the YouTube channel The Q pure. Incidentally, behind the nickname The Q is the Ukrainian inventor Gordieiev Sergii.

Do you remember the video game? Enter the Matrixwhich – assuming the appropriate graphics settings – caused thigh slaps with its box-like tires? Are you impressed by the technical skill behind the unconventional two-wheeler, or do you generally avoid a bicycle saddle between your thighs? Feel free to discuss it in our comments.

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