Tinder lets you block people on their phone number


Tinder finally lets you avoid all your exes, friends, co-workers, relatives, and anyone else you might not want to run into on a dating app. The company announced today that it will allow people to block their phone contacts.

Romance lovers can access the feature from their settings, under the “Block Contacts” menu, where they can decide which contacts they want to block – meaning these people won’t show up for them, and vice versa.

Users can upload their entire contact list to Tinder or add them individually. Tinder says it won’t save everyone’s contacts — only the ones they’ve chosen to block — and people can unblock or disconnect their contact list at any time. Blocked contacts will not be notified that they have been blocked. Of course, there’s no easy way to know if an ex or any other non-date worthy person even has a Tinder account; it is more of a preventive measure. And if a blocked person has since changed their phone number and joins Tinder, their account may still show up.

People have wanted to avoid the possibility of a clunky digital run-in forever, and this could eventually give them a fighting chance to do so. However, it also feels years too late. I don’t know why Tinder took so long to launch this, but hopefully new users don’t have to know the misery of ever running into an ex on Tinder again.