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Time is running out: France’s biathletes remain without a coach


The past winter was once again a successful one for the biathletes from France. But a change is imminent in the summer. Shortly before the start of the pre-season, however, the association has still not introduced any new coaches.

“We’re not at that stage yet,” admitted French FA technical director Pierre Mignerey on Wednesday. At the moment there are still much more fundamental questions, according to the official.

“We are facing problems in terms of resources, so we cannot yet say exactly how we will structure ourselves in the individual disciplines,” Mignerey admitted.

Specifically, the question is whether a B team and a junior team should be formed. Only when these questions have been clarified will the search for a trainer be finally clarified.

After last season, the cooperation with the previous coaches Vincent Vittoz and Patrick Favre ended at the insistence of the athletes. According to the newspaper “Le Dauphiné libéré”, favorites for their successor are slowly emerging.

Biathlon stars should be part of the decision-making process

Jean-Pierre Amat, Olympic shooting champion in Atlanta in 1996, could soon be unveiled as the new shooting discipline coach. Baptiste Desthieux, brother of Simon Desthieux, is currently under discussion as a running coach.

The 38-year-old Desthieux had been in charge of the French B team for the past few years. For more than ten years he was instrumental in the rise of the new French biathlon generation. Almost all of today’s athletes once trained under him.

The association also wants to include the athletes in the final decision. Discussions will therefore take place soon.

However, the French are running out of time. Because the country’s biathlon stars want to start summer training on May 1st.

There is no official deadline for the coach decision. Director Mignerey emphasizes, however, that you have an eye on the calendar. Because: “The program for the World Cup athletes cannot wait too long.”

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