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TikToks of men fake proposing to their girlfriends have divided viewers


Women have warned their boyfriends after getting caught up in the cruel ‘fake proposal’ trend sweeping TikTok.

Men following the trend kneel before their unsuspecting partners, often rummaging through their pockets to make it look like they have a ring.

Once they see their partner’s surprised and often emotional reaction, they tie their shoelaces or just stand up and laugh.

The cruel trend is often captured on camera and posted on TikTok, leaving horrified viewers and their partners feeling upset and ashamed.

And women don’t usually approve in comments.

Women have warned their boyfriends after getting caught up in the cruel ‘fake proposal’ trend sweeping TikTok

“If my partner did this, we’d be finished,” one woman commented in one video.

“I’d get sick if I dated someone who thought this was okay,” said another.

The trend has been described as a beige flag by many, including some of the men who admit they do it “every time a stranger takes a photo.”

But many angry TikTokkers claim it’s a red flag.

“The fact that these guys think this is okay is a huge red flag,” said one woman.

“There’s nothing yellow about these disgusting behaviors,” said another.

One TikTok user, Darren Clegg, has proposed fake proposals so often that he fears his partner will think he’s joking “if he ever gets lucky” that he does it for real.

He recently proposed to her in front of a stunning sunset, her partner just shook their head and laughed.

But others were not so easy with him.

“I hope she realizes that she’s 100/10 and he’s half, and move on,” said one man.

A woman was quick to defend her partner after he was ripped apart in the comments section of one of the videos.

‘To all those who are scared. In our culture you don’t propose. Go ask her parents. My parents accepted his proposal, we had an engagement party,’ he said.

And others said people should “stay out” of bogus proposals.

“All couples have their own understandings, just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean it’s not fun,” said one man.

Others were not afraid to reveal their devastation.

A woman shared a video of her partner telling her to turn around while they were relaxing in a pool in Phuket.

He got down on one knee and even tapped his pocket to make it look like he was taking something out.

He put his hands on her behind to get her to turn around and then laughed in her face.

“I thought my boyfriend was about to propose to me, he’s sleeping outside tonight,” she wrote.

“I would have cried and broken up with him,” said one woman.

Another woman was four months pregnant when her partner proposed to her, pushed him down a ditch.

The men jumped to his defense.

‘Welfare check, are you still alive?’

“I should leave her for reacting violently,” said another.

A man thought his boyfriend was proposing to him over the holidays, only to find out it was a prank.

He initially jumped around covering his mouth and looked at his partner on the ground before slumping his shoulders and scurrying away.

‘He is waiting and happy and the people around him laugh at him afterwards. SHAME,’ said a man in the video.

“This embarrasses me secondhand,” said another.

A woman who was once the victim of a fake proposal revealed that she cried herself to sleep that very night.

Speaking to the camera, the woman said that her partner had filled her room with red balloons, putting a smaller one in her jewelry box.

He told her to pop all the balloons, instructed his five children to help, and saved the little one for last.

The woman assumed a diamond ring would fall off, but instead it was a large candy ring.

She turned around hoping he had a real one waiting for her and he laughed at her and walked away.

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