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TikToker recreates game fails we all know and it’s hilarious – WhatsNew2Day


Bugs and glitches in games are great fun – nicsnite knows that all too well.

There are situations that we all know as gamers, no matter what genre we prefer. The unintentionally funniest are often bugs, glitches and any other game fails. The TikToker nicsnite makes fun of these situations in his short videos and thus regularly makes his viewers laugh.

To put it in the wise words of Homer Simpson: It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

He doesn’t hold back on his editing skills either. In his video When you don’t install the update… the stool or even the stool itself glides through the floor:

But even with table hockey you are not protected from glitches, as he shows here:

The TikToker, his series, is particularly fond of such bugs Video game glitches be like has already produced ten videos. In Part 6 he shows with a lot of humor how complicated it can be to cook food:

In the comments, viewers see all sorts of games in his depictions. Comparisons are made here with Roblox, Skyrim, GTA, Hello Neighbor and Sims 4.

But Nicsnite can also have fun with specific games, for example he apes the somewhat awkward Kelvin in the following video Sons of the Forest after how he liked to cut down his own tree houses just a few weeks ago:

The hellish surroundings of Diablo can also be found in his videos. The dark part of the action role-playing game is finally back in Diablo 4 as fans of the first two parts wanted – but with 70 changes before release there are probably a few other plus points.

What games do you think of when you see nicsnite glitch videos? And do you already have another game in mind that could be hilariously amused about in a similar skit? Do you have any other similar influencers that you can recommend? Let us know your ideas and suggestions in the comments!

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