TikTok plastic surgeon Dr Roxy has license suspended in Ohio

A famous TikTok plastic surgeon has been suspended over allegations that she botched surgeries and posted patients’ private information on her social media.

Dr. Roxanne Grawe, who lives alongside Dr. Roxy went on to post crazy videos dancing in her scrubs, has been accused of livestreaming surgeries and focusing on the camera instead of patient care. She even livestreamed surgeries and interacted with viewers during the procedure.

The social media star who has 846,000 followers and 14.6 million likes on her TikTok account is now being sued by three former patients. But some of her patients have suffered debilitating injuries after surgery, leaving them unemployed and unable to stand.

Dr. Grawe, whose social presence also includes followers on Snapchat, Twitter, and BeReal, owns Roxy Plastic Surgery in Powell, Ohio, just outside of Columbus. The State Medical Board suspended its license on November 18.

It’s because officials worldwide are warning against women participating in surgery tourism, which involves traveling abroad, such as Turkey, to undergo cheaper procedures – which have often failed.

Dr. Roxanne Grawe (pictured), or Dr. Roxy, has had her medical license revoked by the Ohio State Medical Board over concerns about botched surgeries and patient privacy

Dr. Roxy Had Over 800,000 Followers On Tiktok, Where She Discussed Plastic Surgery Topics, Talked To Patients, And Showed The Results Of Her Surgeries

The State Medical Board Raised Concerns As Far Back As 2018 About Dr. Roxy'S Use Of Social Media

Dr. Roxy had more than 800,000 followers on TikTok, where she discussed plastic surgery topics, talked to patients, and showed the results of her surgeries. The State Medical Board raised concerns as far back as 2018 about Dr. Roxy’s use of social media

Dr. Roxy Is Being Sued By Three Patients After They Suffered Serious Complications Following Surgery At Her Practice

Dr. Roxy is being sued by three patients after they suffered serious complications following surgery at her practice

State officials were concerned about Dr Grawe’s use of social media, botched surgeries and not properly caring for patients after discharge.

The board first issued a warning to Dr. Grawe on October 9, 2018, “concerning the need to maintain patient privacy when sharing photos or video via social media.”

She received a second warning on September 28, 2021, in which the board raised concerns about patient privacy and ethics with her use of social media.

It also cited “avoidable complications” as requiring additional surgeries for some patients.

Dr. Grawe was created to train in professionalism, ethics and to retrain procedures where its patients have previously experienced complications.

Even after this course, the medical board claims it still failed to protect patient privacy.

It claims that she can record pre-operative interviews, post-operative images of patients in the OR, live-stream procedures, and even interact with live chatters while in the middle of surgery.

Three patient cases were cited by the medical board. All are also filing lawsuits against Dr. Grawe.

In one, which took place on March 21, she performed a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) — in which fat is extracted from the abdomen and injected into a patient’s butt — on an unnamed patient while live streaming on social media.

The medical board accuses her of looking at the camera and talking to viewers while performing a liposuction.

The board says the procedure should have demanded her full attention — meaning her livestreaming put the patient at risk.

The Powell, Ohio-Based Practice Said It Was Not Interested In Responding To Allegations From The State'S Medical Board. Dr. Grawe Has Until Dec. 17 To Request A Hearing On His License

The Powell, Ohio-based practice said it was not interested in responding to allegations from the state’s medical board. Dr. Grawe has until Dec. 17 to request a hearing on his license

Dr. Grawe also did not give the patient written instructions on how to manage pain or other complications after he left the doctor’s care.

Five days after the procedure, the patient was sent to the emergency room after she was found to have free air in her abdomen and her liver was not properly clearing toxins.

Because of these complications, she had to stay longer in the hospital.

A second unnamed patient, who also received a BBL, claims that she also did not receive proper postoperative instructions after surgery.

She later developed severe cramping, abdominal pain, and dark yellow urine due to surgical complications.

James Arnold, a Cincinnati, Ohio, attorney representing this patient in a lawsuit against Dr. Grawe, said his client was also told not to seek medical care.

Amber Runyon (Pictured), Got A 'Mommy Makeover' From Dr. Roxy And Is Now Suing The Practice

She Said She Had Dr. Roxy On Snapchat. Problems With Drainage After Her Surgery Led To Her Missing Two Months Of Work

Amber Runyon (pictured), got a ‘Mommy Makeover’ from Dr. Roxy and is now suing the practice. She said she had Dr. Roxy on Snapchat. Problems with drainage after her surgery led to her missing two months of work

Amber Runyon is the last of the three patients named and has filed a lawsuit against the practice. She said WBNS that the drains implanted in her surgical incision were not working properly. This can lead to fluid buildup and infection after surgery.

Ms. Runyon contacted the practice about the matter, but was advised by a Roxy Plastic Surgery nurse not to go to the hospital.

This made her condition worse. She ended up missing two months of work and is still unable to stand properly due to complications with the drain.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL as it is often referred to, is surgery in which a doctor moves fat from the abdomen and hip to a person’s buttocks.

The goal is to create the ‘hourglass’ body shape, with thin hips and wide buttocks

Recovery for BBLs can take months and requires a woman not to sit, sleep on her side, and wear compression garments to aid in the healing process

It is also a risky operation. Fat embolization, in which fat enters the bloodstream and can travel to the heart or lungs

Some women also go to countries in Latin America or to Turkey, where they can have cheap surgery

This increases the risk of complications – leading to some notable “BBL horror stories” that have sprung up in recent years

She said she chose to have a “Mommy MakeOver,” a procedure that includes breast surgery and abdominoplasty, with Dr. Grawe for her social presence.

Ms. Runyon discovered the doctor through Snapchat. She felt that the step-by-step analysis Dr. Grawe provided for each surgery prepared her well.

She wasn’t the only patient dissuaded from seeking medical care after experiencing complications from surgery at Dr. Grawe’s practice.

Dr. Grawe had her license suspended 7 to 0, with three members abstaining.

When contacted by, Roxy Plastic Surgery said Dr Grawe was “not interested” in discussing the matter.

The doctor has until Dec. 17 to request a hearing to discuss the suspension of her license.

The prevalence of doctors on TikTok has risen in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

Experts have expressed concern that in the age of social media, “med Twitter” and “MedTok” influencers are compromising their patients’ privacy to build a personal brand.

Dr. Grawe has over 800,000 TikTok followers and 134,000 on Instagram. Both accounts are now private.

Her Twitter profile, which has 2,200 followers, features dozens of photos of women before and after surgery.

She also links to an account on the burgeoning social media platform BeReal, where she also posts photos from the operating room.

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