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TikTok Music beta expands to more countries


TikTok is rolling out its new subscription music streaming platform, aptly named TikTok Music, to new markets, nearly two weeks into the service. first debuted in Indonesia and Brazil. According to a press release shared with the edgeTikTok is inviting select users in Australia, Mexico and Singapore to join a closed beta test starting today, giving participants a three-month free trial of the TikTok Music service.

“TikTok Music is a new type of music service that combines the power of music discovery on TikTok with a music streaming service that offers millions of tracks from thousands of artists,” the company said through its press release. Participating users can join the beta by downloading the TikTok Music app, either by visiting music.tiktok.com or directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

According to the information on the regional websites that have already been launched, a subscription to TikTok Music costs AUD11.99 ($8.18 USD) per month in AustraliaMXN$115 ($6.87 USD) in Mexicoand S$9.90 (US$7.47) in singapore. TikTok Music is also available as a discounted subscription for college students and family plans for up to six accounts.

TikTok Music can be synced with a TikTok account to listen, share and download tracks discovered on the standard platform.

While TikTok Music has its own dedicated app, the new streaming service can also be linked to a standard TikTok account, allowing users to listen, share and download the music they discover through the social media platform. Users will also be able to share their favorite songs and artists from TikTok Music with their community on the main TikTok service.

The service includes features that allow users to import their music library, download songs for offline listening, create collaborative playlists, view lyrics in real time, and find tracks by searching for their lyrics. The service also includes a Shazam-like feature to identify songs being heard nearby and allows TikTok Music subscribers to leave comments and interact with other users.

TikTok Music’s listing on the Google Play store gives us an indication of what the app’s interface will look like.
Image: TikTok/Google Play

There’s currently no word on when we can expect TikTok Music to launch in the US, though the company said in its press release that it will have “more news to share about the launch of TikTok Music in the coming months.” TikTok’s parent company ByteDance filed a trademark application for TikTok Music in Australia in November 2021then followed by another presentation with the US Patent and Trademark Office in May of last year, adding some assurance that ByteDance has plans to launch TikTok Music in the US despite government concerns.

TikTok is already a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The platform has fueled the success of many hit songs since its launch in 2016, helping users discover new artists and tracks through viral trends. Many of these songs are collected in Tik Tok Playlists on rival streaming services, so it makes sense that TikTok would want to compete directly with Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. The company also has partnerships with Sony Music, Universal Music Group and music group warner to populate your audio library.

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