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TikTok launches new app on Amazon Fire TV

TikTok today launches its first TV app called “More on TikTok” on Amazon Fire TV devices (through Business insider). The app has curated playlists and compilations from the TikTok mobile app, Amazon spokesperson Delaney Simmons confirmed in an email to The edge. It also features creator interviews, along with other content that exceeds the one-minute limit on TikTok’s mobile app.

“We’ve thought about what the adoption of streaming devices like Fire TV means to connect with our users and how we can provide them with more dynamic experiences, and we think bringing our content to TV to some degree natural next step is, ”Nick Tran, head of global marketing for TikTok, said in an email The edge.

According to Business insiderTikTok is experimenting to determine how well the mobile video format works on TV screens. More about TikTok is a viewable channel only, so no login or account information is required and users cannot upload videos or exchange coins. It is free to use and has no ads at launch.

In addition, the TV app has two new content categories: ‘In the Studio’, which will have interviews with stars on TikTok, and ‘This is TikTok’, which will put video makers in the spotlight.

Amazon says it saw a sharp increase in the use of Fire TV apps like Facebook Watch, Peloton, MasterClass, and Audible for mobile during the first six months of the year, mainly due to people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The More on TikTok app is now available through all Fire TV devices in the United States. Users can simply say “Alexa, open More on TikTok” to activate.

Microsoft said it was in talks on Sunday to buy part of TikTok from parent company ByteDance, which is based in China, after President Trump threatened to ban TikTok in the US. Rival Instagram launched its TikTok competitor, called Reels, in 50 countries on Wednesday.