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TikTok CEO Grilled by US Lawmakers


The United States Congress just recently held a hearing on TikTok after a three-year hiatus, reviewing issues over the app’s ownership by ByteDance and the possibility of separating it from the Chinese moms and dad business or straight-out prohibiting it in the United States. Throughout the hearing, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was questioned by a congressman who commented, “I need to thank you. You have actually done something inconceivable in the previous 3 or 4 years. You have actually unified the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.”

In contrast to the previous 2 hearings kept in 2019 and 2020, where TikTok did not send out any agents, the business selected to have Chew present for questioning at this most current hearing.

Prior to the hearing, a previous staff member of a United States think tank and lobbying company revealed issue to LatePost, mentioning that TikTok’s choice to stand for questioning was not a favorable indication. Based upon previous experience, these kinds of hearings are typically viewed as political theater developed by legislators to promote their own interests. The previous worker kept in mind, “TikTok might have declined to go to as they did the previous 2 times, however their choice to appear recommends that the business does not have an extremely positive outlook on the present circumstance.”

The forecast was shown right throughout the hearing, which lasted for almost 5 hours. Chew was just able to speak continuous for about 6 minutes to present TikTok’s viewpoint. Throughout the majority of the hearing, he dealt with regular disturbances and was frequently asked to supply a direct “yes or no” action prior to inspectors used their own conclusions.

Dell Cameron, a senior policy reporter for Wired publication, revealed his view that the hearing highlighted concerns with the United States Congress: “Attempts by Chew, a 40-year-old previous Goldman Sachs lender, to elaborate on TikTok’s service practices were regularly disrupted, and his demands to say on matters allegedly of significant interest to members of Congress were obstructed and periodically overlooked. These chances to get the CEO on record, while under oath, were consistently blown in the name of usefulness and for primarily theatrical factors. Chew, on the other hand, was the picture of persistence, even when he was being discussed. Even when some legislators started asking and, without time out, addressing their own concerns.”

Jeffrey Towson, the creator of TechMoat, an Asian digital method consultancy, shared his point of view with Pandaily. He kept in mind that throughout the hearing, Chew showed more restraint than Mark Zuckerberg had in his hearings. Towson thinks that it is vital for TikTok to develop a picture of a person that can be relied on, which Chew fits that profile.

It is not likely that TikTok’s issues will be solved by a single hearing.

Compared to 3 years back, TikTok is now more deeply ingrained within United States society. The app has actually ended up being progressively popular, with a minimum of almost half of the United States population, or 150 million individuals, utilizing it monthly, which is 3 times the variety of users in 2020. According to LatePost, TikTok has more than 80 million day-to-day active users in the United States, which is around half of Facebook’s user base, making it the biggest social platform in the nation after Facebook.

TikTok is dealing with substantial obstacles, and the scenario has actually been made harder by the participation of the United States President Joe Biden. Biden, who is a previous legal representative, has actually been more proactive in resolving the issues connected to TikTok than his predecessor, Donald Trump. He has actually required a security evaluation and has actually promoted Congress to enact laws on the matter. As an outcome, TikTok has actually been required to abide by procedural justice.

Eventually, it is the general environment, instead of ByteDance alone, that will identify TikTok’s fate. For the previous 4 years, the continuous stress in between China and the United States have actually not been fixed, and this has actually added to the bipartisan assistance for a congressional costs versus TikTok.

Prior to the current hearing, the Biden administration, like its predecessor, provided TikTok with 2 alternatives: to spin off its United States organization or to deal with a restriction in the nation.

If TikTok is divested or offered from ByteDance, it is most likely to include numerous obstacles associated with innovation exports. “Personalized suggestion innovation based upon information analysis” was contributed to the United States export constraint list, which implies that business looking for to export this innovation are needed to get approval ahead of time.

If TikTok is prohibited in the United States, it would be the very first time that the nation has actually enacted laws to prohibit a web item from another nation. This relocation would set a substantial precedent and might have ramifications for other Chinese platforms looking for to broaden into the United States market. The advancement of PDD Holding’s United States shopping app Temu, online fast-fashion merchant Shein, and other Chinese platforms might likewise deal with comparable scenarios in the future, as the United States federal government continues to raise issues about information security and nationwide security dangers associated with Chinese-owned business running in the nation.

Yes or No?!

The hearing started at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time in Washington, D.C. on March 24 and lasted almost 5 hours, not consisting of 3 breaks. According to a source who had actually participated in numerous other congressional hearings, these hearings generally have numerous empty seats. At this occasion, even with online livestreaming offered, there were long lines at the entryway to go to in individual.

At the start of the hearing, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican from Washington state and the chair of the hearing, revealed her core view that TikTok presents a severe hazard to nationwide and individual security: “TikTok gathers almost every information point possible, from individuals’s places to what they type and copy, who they speak to, to biometric information, and more. It’s likewise a website for drug dealerships to offer illegal fentanyl that China has actually prohibited however yet is still produced by Mexican cartels and smuggled throughout the border, poisoning our kids.” Rodgers even more slammed TikTok’s information defense procedure “Project Texas” as propaganda and argued that the app needs to be prohibited with seriousness, keeping in mind that TikTok’s appeal with 150 million users in the United States highlights the requirement to do something about it to secure nationwide security and specific personal privacy.

Throughout the hearing, Chew was the only agent from TikTok who was questioned. In his opening self-introduction, Chew highlighted his Singaporean roots, “I am a Singaporean, born and raised in Singapore, and later on went to Britain and the United States to study.” Chew likewise discussed his better half, “I initially satisfied her in the United States. She was born in Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C.”

While Chew acknowledged TikTok’s substantial existence in the United States, with 150 million users and 5 million business that carry out company on the platform, he worried the requirement to clarify misunderstandings about the app. Chew kept in mind that although TikTok is a subsidiary of ByteDance, it is not managed by the Chinese federal government. He highlighted that TikTok is headquartered in Singapore and Los Angeles, which user information from the United States is saved within United States area, by a United States business, and preserved by United States workers. Furthermore, Chew discussed that Oracle and other United States business examine and validate TikTok’s source code and algorithm to guarantee compliance with United States policies and information personal privacy requirements.

Throughout the five-hour hearing, Chew fielded more than 200 concerns from over 50 members of Congress. The concerns mostly concentrated on TikTok’s relationship with the Chinese federal government and moms and dad business ByteDance, along with the defense of user information and personal privacy, nationwide security issues, and problems connected to the dissemination of incorrect details on the platform. In addition, legislators raised issues about the security of minors on the app and requested more details about TikTok’s policies and treatments for resolving this concern. In general, the hearing covered a vast array of subjects connected to TikTok’s operations and raised crucial concerns about the function of Chinese-owned business in the United States market and the requirement for more powerful information personal privacy and security guidelines.

Chew regularly tried to describe TikTok’s policies and practices associated with information personal privacy and security by referencing the business’s “Project Texas” effort. Some observers kept in mind that Chew seemed attempting to direct the discussion in a specific instructions, which is a typical strategy utilized by executives who affirm prior to Congress.

Many of Chew’s responses were cut brief by legislators who disrupted him and asked for a “yes or no” reaction. This left Chew with minimal chances to offer extra context or description for his responses.

2 Crises in Three Years; Trump’s TikTok Ban Fails, Biden Takes a Different Approach

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(Source: LatePost)

In August 2020, 3 months prior to the United States governmental election, previous President Trump revealed that he would prohibit TikTok in the United States unless ByteDance spun it off and offered it to a United States business. To this end, Trump released 2 executive orders that present the requirements for ByteDance to divide and offer TikTok or deal with a restriction of the app.

An executive order provided by a president can be executed rapidly without the requirement for congressional approval. For an executive order to be thought about legitimate, it should be grounded in law and line up with the Constitution and other pertinent statutes. If an executive order contravenes legal requirements, it might go through legal obstacles and might be reversed by the court.

Former President Trump’s executive order conjured up the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), which needed United States telecom operators and app shops to stop performing company with TikTok, eventually leading to a restriction of the app. The IEEPA empowers the President to prohibit United States business from negotiating with particular foreign entities after stating a nationwide emergency situation, which Trump performed in 2019.

The IEEPA change clearly forbids the President from utilizing the powers approved to them to limit the import and export of “any postal, telegraphic, telephonic or other individual interaction, which does not include a transfer of anything of worth” or “info or educational products”, whether straight or indirectly.

Due to issues about the legal basis of the executive order, TikTok and 3 of its online stars submitted a claim versus the Trump administration. The federal judge appointed to the case provided an initial injunction at the end of September, obstructing the execution of Trump’s executive order. The Trump administration continued to appeal versus the initial injunction, while likewise actively postponing the execution of the executive order, based upon the development of ByteDance’s sale of TikTok.

It is possible that if Trump had more time in workplace, he might have had the ability to accomplish his objective of prohibiting TikTok in the United States. In 2017, right after taking workplace, Trump provided an executive order limiting residents from numerous nations from getting in the United States. The order was obstructed by the courts simply 2 days later on, Trump released a brand-new executive order, which was likewise challenged by civil rights companies and subjected to over a lots rounds of legal fights prior to being permitted to go into impact. Trump’s efforts to prohibit TikTok were disrupted by his loss in the 2020 governmental election, which led to a modification in administration.

In 2021, after Biden took workplace, he withdrawed Trump’s executive order to prohibit TikTok. TikTok stayed under analysis.

Biden, who has actually functioned as a United States civil servant for over 50 years, has actually revealed a choice for utilizing the legal procedure to accomplish his objectives. Following the withdrawal of Trump’s executive order, Biden bought the Secretary of Commerce to lead an extensive security evaluation of applications managed by adversarial states and proposed modifications to the Department of Commerce guidelines to increase regulative oversight. In September 2022, he released an instruction advising the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to think about the “dangers to delicate information of United States users” when evaluating foreign financial investments.

Throughout this duration, there were lots of reports relating to the relationship in between ByteDance and TikTok, along with the gain access to that Chinese ByteDance workers needed to TikTok’s United States database.

In December 2022, right before Congress adjourned for the vacation break, a federal government costs was passed that consisted of an arrangement prohibiting federal staff members from utilizing TikTok on government-issued gadgets. Biden signed the costs into law, and in February 2023, the White House released a memorandum to all federal government companies, purchasing them to eliminate TikTok from government-issued gadgets within 30 days. Prior to this, the United States military and Transportation Security Administration had actually currently forbidden workers from setting up TikTok on main federal government gadgets.

In March 2023, the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, and the European Parliament all revealed restrictions on making use of TikTok on main mobile phones by their workers, pointing out issues over information security. A number of other nations have actually likewise executed comparable policies, consisting of Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, and New Zealand. In Australia, cybersecurity professionals have actually contacted the federal government to resolve the problem.

Previously this month, Montana’s Senate voted to prohibit TikTok throughout the state, exceeding the federal government’s limitations. If the restriction is likewise authorized by the state House of Representatives and the guv, Montana would end up being the very first state to restrict making use of the app, setting a precedent for other states in the United States to possibly do the same.

In February 2023, both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate presented costs that present a more severe danger to TikTok– an across the country restriction. The DATA Act presented by the House permits the Secretary of Treasury to prohibit the platform on the premises of threat of information leakages, while the RESTRICT Act presented by the Senate enables the Secretary of Commerce to prohibit foreign enemies from purchasing the details and interactions innovation market if they are considered a danger to nationwide security.

Both the DATA Act and RESTRICT Act offer brand-new opportunities for the United States federal government to possibly prohibit TikTok, with the RESTRICT Act acquiring assistance from both Democrat and Republican legislators, along with the Biden administration.

TikTok has actually not had the ability to effectively gather brand-new assistance in the United States. Civil liberties companies like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that opposed the 2020 TikTok restriction continue to oppose appropriate legislation on the premises that such legislation might threaten flexibility of speech.

TikTok’s greatest fans in the United States are still its own users and content developers. According to media reports, lots of TikTok developers have actually diversified their material to other platforms such as Google and Facebook.

TikTok’s User Base Grows, But It Has Yet to Become “Indispensable”

Chew frequently utilizes the word “trust” when talking about ByteDance’s oversight of TikTok, and he often highlights the word “essential” when talking about the platform’s function within the business. According to a TikTok expert, being an “important” platform for users, developers, and partners (consisting of marketers and merchants). is an essential method for any item to browse both competitors and analysis. Douyin, which is another app under ByteDance and comparable to TikTok, is embracing a comparable method in China.

TikTok has actually broadened its reach considerably in the United States because completion of 2020. LatePost reports that TikTok’s day-to-day active users in the United States has actually now reached 80 million, a 60% boost from 2 years earlier. This is a considerable accomplishment for an item that has actually just been readily available in the nation for 5 years. In contrast, Facebook, the biggest social networks platform in the United States, has 180 million day-to-day active users.

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(Source: LatePost)

TikTok has actually set an objective for its abroad penetration rate to match Douyin’s penetration rate in China. Douyin, which boasts 750 million everyday active users, has a penetration rate of around 54% in China. On the other hand, TikTok’s penetration rate in the United States is just around 24%.

A source acquainted with the platform commented, “TikTok’s development in the United States has actually struck a traffic jam, with the variety of day-to-day active users slowly supporting.” Over the previous 3 years, Instagram and YouTube have actually likewise released brief video functions to take on TikTok.

Expert Intelligence, a United States research study business, has actually reported that TikTok does not have industrial interests in the United States market. In 2022, Meta, Google, and Amazon represented over 60% of the United States marketing market, while TikTok fell back. In the United States, a brief video audience on TikTok creates less earnings than a user on a social media platform. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, acknowledged throughout a monetary report conference that Meta’s brief video advertisement money making is less effective than social advertisements.

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TikTok’s development in e-commerce has actually been slower in the United States and other industrialized nations compared to China, where livestreaming e-commerce has actually ended up being popular. According to sources, TikTok just introduced livestreaming e-commerce in the United States at the end of 2022 due to regulative and competitive pressures. It has actually not been able to reproduce the success of livestreaming e-commerce in other industrialized markets.

LatePost reported that as an outcome of the regulative obstacles, TikTok has actually chosen to downsize its e-commerce company growth in 2023, especially in the United States. The business has actually likewise delayed its strategies to go into Brazil, Spain, and other European nations in the very first half of the year.

TikTok was captured off guard by the fast modifications in the geopolitical circumstance, and its status as an “vital” item was not securely developed. Regardless of this, TikTok has actually made many efforts over the previous 3 years to acquire the trust of the United States federal government.

Lobbying has actually been among the crucial techniques utilized by TikTok. In 2019, TikTok started lobbying activities in the United States when the CFIUS released an examination into TikTok at the demand of numerous members of Congress, looking for proof that the app sent out United States user information to China. That year, ByteDance released 17 professionals to go to the United States Department of Commerce, the White House Office, and other organizations, and invested $270,000 in efforts to acquire the trust of the United States federal government.

In 2020, ByteDance increased its lobbying costs significantly from the previous year, with half of the lobbying group concentrated on calling members of Congress in an effort to alter the phrasing of the H.R. 1140 costs that “Prohibit Transportation Security Administration staff members from utilizing or setting up TikTok, a video social networks application, on smart devices dispersed by the federal government.” These efforts showed not successful as the costs eventually maintained this arrangement.

According to LatePost’s data, ByteDance has actually invested more on lobbying in the previous 3 years in the United States than Huawei has in the previous 10 years. In 2022, ByteDance’s lobbying expenditures totaled up to $5.38 million, which has to do with 1.7 times that of Huawei. ByteDance’s lobbying efforts in the 2nd half of 2022 concentrated on the following costs:

  • National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023
  • Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023
  • No TikTok on Government Devices Act
  • James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023

TikTok is trying to get the trust of regional federal governments by separating its operating systems by area. Through a job called “Project Texas,” TikTok intends to move its United States os to a server supplied by Oracle in Texas. The business has actually likewise accepted enable Oracle to keep track of the inflow and outflow of user information in the United States.

As a part of “Project Texas,” TikTok has actually developed a fully-owned subsidiary, TikTok U.S. Data Security Inc., in the United States to take control of operations that raised issues, consisting of content suggestion algorithms and management of user information. The code for the suggestion algorithm and the program for accessing user information will be separately examined by Oracle and another third-party company.

In order to decrease ByteDance’s control over the freshly developed information security subsidiary, TikTok will choose a board of directors for the subsidiary, which will be evaluated and reported to CFIUS. The workers of the subsidiary should be United States residents or legal irreversible locals and go through CFIUS examination.

TikTok prepares to invest $700 million to $1 billion annually for “Project Texas,” and this cost is anticipated to increase with the development of its user base in the future.

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(Source: LatePost)

Even with the application of different security procedures under the “Project Texas,” the United States federal government stays doubtful. Reports suggest that agents from the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice who examined the proposition still thought that the only method to ensure nationwide security was to require ByteDance to offer TikTok. President Biden eventually took their recommendations into factor to consider.

A ByteDance worker mentioned that compared to Facebook, which focuses on market capacity and income, ByteDance has a more powerful desire for worldwide impact and wants to accept lower earnings in particular areas. This shows ByteDance creator Zhang Yiming’s company aspiration for globalization.

ByteDance’s aspirations for international impact can be seen in their ongoing efforts to buy hostile markets such as India, where it is incredibly hard to earn a profit due to high server expenses in the video organization. In spite of the difficulties, ByteDance stays dedicated to buying India, even if it implies running at a loss in the area.

ByteDance has actually been moving an increasing variety of its workers from its domestic departments to support TikTok considering that in 2015. This consists of Zhi Ying, previous head of Douyin’s market department; Chen Xi, previous head of Toutiao, ByteDance’s news and info material platform; and Mu Qing, vice president of the e-commerce service in Douyin who will quickly be moved to TikTok.

Kelly Zhang, the previous CEO of Douyin Group, has actually transferred her work to Singapore, according to sources acquainted with the matter. Zhang just recently turned over her executive position to Han Shangyou, who formerly headed Douyin’s livestreaming and regional way of life organization. In January 2023, Zhang revealed her adoration for CapCut, a video modifying tool owned by ByteDance, which had more than 80 million worldwide everyday active users at that time.

ByteDance’s pursuit for international growth was once again evidenced by their launch of TikTok’s e-commerce organization at the end of 2020. The task was at first provided the internal code word “Magellan XYZ”, with “XYZ” representing René Descartes’ promoted algebraic notation for unidentified amounts, and “Magellan” describing Ferdinand Magellan, the very first Portuguese explorer to circumnavigate the world, meaning ByteDance’s worldwide aspirations.

The United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a hearing in 2012 to examine security issues surrounding an international business. Throughout the hearing, a committee member specified that “as an intelligence committee, we require to be notifying United States business and United States people prior to dangers happen, rather of awaiting hazards to manifest and after that responding.” The committee member was more worried about the possibility of a danger instead of waiting on a real incident. It is almost difficult for any international business to entirely get rid of such a possibility.

The fate of TikTok might function as an example to highlight the level of service cooperation that can be sustained in between 2 significant countries with plain social distinctions.

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Post-Hearing Interview With Geoffrey Cain, Senior Fellow for Critical Emerging Technologies at Lincoln Network

Geoffrey Cain, senior fellow for crucial emerging innovations at Lincoln Network, fellow at the National Security Institute, and previous innovation policy consultant to your home Foreign Affairs Committee, was spoken with for his ideas following the TikTok Congressional hearing.

Pandaily: Could you share your point of views about the hearing?

Geoffrey: I have a great deal of ideas on that. Of all, I have actually been doing this for numerous years now, and I have actually never ever seen a hearing in which every single member of Congress was so hostile to the witness. It is simply not something that I have actually ever seen prior to. In the past, they have grilled Mark Zuckerberg and different other innovation figures, however I have actually never ever seen a hearing where the concerns were so generally hostile. There was not one individual in there who had some compassion for Chew or TikTok or ByteDance. I believe that is simply a reflection of the technological environment that we now reside in.

I believe the truth is that if you run a business that is quick growing in a cutting edge location, such as social networks algorithms and semiconductors, you need to pick where you are going to work, United States or China.

The world utilized to be more interconnected and globalized, and you might do both. The geopolitics of the world has actually altered so much in the last 5 years, which is what this hearing symbolizes. It is likewise shown both in business laws and the trade laws of the United States and China. Significantly, the United States has actually stepped up export controls. It has actually stepped up different sanctions versus both people and business in China. On the other hand, China has actually increased its extraterritorial jurisdiction through trade laws.

I had actually simply returned from Taiwan just recently. I went to 2 plants of TSMC, a Taiwanese international semiconductor agreement production and style business, which was truly interesting. There was a great deal of talk in Taiwan usually about the exact same scenario as what TikTok is dealing with. Individuals are worried that the semiconductor market is beginning to end up being apart. The United States has the CHIPS and Science Act, while TSMC has a plant in Arizona. South Korea is likewise establishing its own CHIPS Act, and Holland is now executing export controls.

I am discussing delicate technological markets. Individuals might simply be organization executives in the past, now they need to consider politics.

Pandaily: And how do you believe Chew fared at the hearing?

Geoffrey: I have actually spoken with a great deal of TikTok staff members throughout the years both in China and in America, and I have actually likewise spoken to ByteDance staff members in the past in China too. Among the important things that they have actually frequently stated about Chew is that he is not actually the individual who has much decision-making power at TikTok. ByteDance is making the supreme choice. With the manner in which he responded to the concerns, it seemed like he was not exactly sure about them either, or he did not truly wish to address them. It is reasonable since often there is no ideal response. I believe that he provided the impression that he is not truly the individual who remains in control, and the concerns were beyond the scope of his ranking. He needed to go back to inspect specific things to ensure that he was getting the info precisely. He has actually never ever actually been handling the United States Congress. Prior to the hearing, he was going around Capitol Hill and conference with specific agents and officers to reveal that TikTok is not a risk.

According to individuals I talked with who operate in Capitol Hill, those conferences went rather well. Chew was rather lovely and excellent in the smaller sized sessions. I do not believe that he was completely prepared for the hostility of the hearing. I believe that his consultants and attorneys most likely assisted him get ready for it, however I do not believe that he understood that it was going to be hostile and challenging.

Pandaily: It is not like some individually little talk. About 50 congressmen are on one side of the space and you are on the opposite. It is certainly various. I am questioning your ideas after the hearing on the ramifications for other business with a Chinese background however running in the United States, like Shein and Temu.

Geoffrey: Chinese business in the United States, especially in the advanced locations, are going to need to be very cautious about what they state in public and how they represent themselves to the federal government due to the fact that the political scenario is exceptionally dissentious today.

There are great deals of individuals who work for the United States federal government who are searching for business that break export control laws or sanctions. I do not believe that it is going to be possible moving forward for a significant company like TikTok to even run in the United States. If there is another TikTok in the future, I do not believe it is going to have that chance to end up being a significant force in the United States. I believe the political circumstance has actually kipped down the opposite instructions.

Huawei was at the center of trade wars, however the important things about Huawei was not rather the like what TikTok is dealing with now. Huawei did turn into one of the biggest mobile phone makers worldwide. In the United States, it did not have a huge existence. In 2019, it took out from the nation, partly since they were under pressure from the federal government. Huawei never ever actually got the exact same level of access to routine American residents. Routine individuals utilize Huawei’s phones, which was never a huge thing in the United States.

TikTok’s issue is completely brand-new. It is the fastest growing social networks business ever. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram did not grow as quick as TikTok. In the United States, for Gen Z in specific, it is turning into one of the primary manner ins which individuals get news info. That is why Congress can bring the CEO of TikTok to the hearing to assault him for a number of hours.

That is not something that I have actually seen prior to. I do believe that the environment is not going to be great in the future. International business need to pick who they are going to work with.

Pandaily: What are the ramifications for other social networks business in the United States, like Meta, Instagram, and Snapchat?

Geoffrey: If TikTok is prohibited, it will benefit them. I believe The Washington Post has actually reported that, however I would need to confirm that. It is a tested truth that United States social networks business do not desire TikTok to run in the nation since it will create fantastic competitors. I personally do not think that all the agents at the hearing are in the pocket of those social media business. I do not believe they are taking lobbying cash and after that representing their views. It is more complex than that.

There has actually been a collective effort by innovation leaders to oppose TikTok’s existence. There was a union just recently of tech executives in San Francisco. They were speaking about TikTok. They have every interest in supporting divestiture or a restriction on TikTok. I have my own ideas on that, which is, the United States does have a free enterprise.

Personally, I do believe that the only result here is that TikTok needs to be offered. I do not support a complete restriction on TikTok since I believe that would break how the marketplace works. I do not believe the United States needs to prohibit business. In the end, a forced sale would occur.

Pandaily: Did you observe any TikTok user responses to the hearing? The material developer has actually ended up being a brand-new kind of expert. They are making earnings from the platform. Do you believe their responses will alter the landscape?

Geoffrey: Some individuals are stating that prohibiting TikTok may push away Generation Z citizens who count on TikTok for their info and small companies. Among the important things that individuals are stating today in Washington, D.C. is that it may harm the Democrats in specific in the 2024 election if they push away those citizens excessive. I am not completely sure about that.

The political system is an extremely short-term system, and individuals tend to forget actually rapidly about this example. I do not believe that 2 years from now, they are not going to vote based upon what occurred to TikTok. The TikTok thing’s impact would be more powerful if we remained in the election year. The truth is that it is 2023. I believe it makes it a little simpler for Congress and the White House to do all this.

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