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Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend is suing him for $30 million, says she was kicked out of her house

Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, is suing the golfer for allegedly kicking her out of the home they shared for six years.

The two had been sharing the home in Hobe Sound, Florida, where the ex-girlfriend claims she traded “valuable services” to live her life rent-free, reports sports.

According to Herman, the two broke up last fall when Woods tricked her into thinking he was going on vacation.

She claims that a driver took her to the airport, where she was later informed that she was “locked” from the house and not allowed to return.

Herman is now asking for $30 million in compensatory rent money, saying she had an “oral lease agreement” with Woods that should have kept her there for five more years after the breakup.

The lawsuit was filed against Tiger’s trust, which holds title to the home.

Herman’s lawyers say the $30 million figure came from the home’s “reasonable rental value” over the remaining five years they had agreed to.

Tiger’s team maintains that there was never any such oral agreement and that Herman was only staying there as his girlfriend.

Herman also alleges that more than $40,000 of her own money was seized from the home after she was thrown out.

She hopes a judge will rule that the NDA she signed is unenforceable, citing a federal law that states that in cases involving sexual misconduct or harassment, people can break their NDAs.

At this time, it is unclear if any sexual misconduct or harassment occurred between the two.

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