Three terrorists who have bombed a Melbourne mosque have been detained for 60 years

ISIS-inspired terrorists who have bombed a mosque and planned planned Christmas deaths in Melbourne have been detained for decades

  • Three convicted terrorists will spend more than a decade behind bars
  • Threesome bombs a Melbourne mosque in an attack motivated by hatred
  • Ahmed Mohamed & Abdullah Chaarani have to serve 17 years in prison for 22 years
  • Hatim Moukhaiber may be eligible for conditional release after 12 years of his 16-year sentence

Two ISIS-inspired terrorists who bombed a mosque and committed terrorist attacks in Melbourne on Christmas Day were imprisoned.

Ahmed Mohamed and Abdullah Chaarani once attempted to burn the Imam Ali Islamic Center in Fawkner in November 2016 before making a second attempt a month later, assisted by Hatim Moukhaiber.

Mohamed and Chaarani must serve at least 17 years in prison of 22 years, while Moukhaiber after 12 years of his maximum prison sentence of 16 years qualifies for conditional release.

Chaarani and Mohamed are still waiting for a further conviction for planning to blow up landmarks around Melbourne on Christmas Day 2016.


They made home-made explosives and were supposed to be focused on Federation Square, St Paul's Cathedral, Flinders Street Station and the Young & Jackson hotel.

Moukhaiber was not involved in that conspiracy.

The trio was found guilty in May of the fire bombing by a jury.

The court heard how Chaarani & # 39; Islamic State & # 39; and & # 39; The state of Islam & # 39; sprayed on the walls of the burning mosque.

The journey took their wives hours later to the scene of the fire and then went out to dinner.

The trial lasted for weeks, with Mohamed and Moukhaiber denying any involvement and Chaarani admitting that he was participating, but claiming it was part of a protest, not terrorism.

Three convicted terrorists will each spend more than a decade behind bars bombing a Melbourne mosque (photo)


Three convicted terrorists will each spend more than a decade behind bars bombing a Melbourne mosque (photo)

& # 39; He did this with the intention of promoting a political, religious or ideological cause, namely the progress of Sunni Islam, & # 39; said Chaarani's lawyer during the trial.

Mohamed and Chaarani have since apologized for their crimes and rejected the ideology of the Islamic State during a plea for pre-sentence.

Moukhaiber did not consider himself radicalized, his lawyer said earlier.


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