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Three helicopters are deployed to search for Bondi Beach for a missing swimmer in large waves

Horror on Bondi Beach while three helicopters are deployed to find a missing swimmer and rescue others in distress in huge swells

A desperate search is on the way to a missing swimmer on Bondi Beach in Sydney.

A Westpac Life Save Rescue Helicopter was deployed at the popular beach in eastern Sydney just before 6:00 pm on Saturday.

Large swell was reported on Saturday, because several people are supposed to be in trouble in the water.

A beachgoer told Daily Mail Australia: ‘It is an absolute bloodbath, the whole beach is watching. The swell is huge. ”

‘Lifesaver21 in Sydney is rushing to Mermaid Rocks in Bondi. Reports from people in need there, possibly unconsciously, “Westpac Helicopters wrote on Twitter.

“Update: Lifesaver21 on stage in Bondi starts searches for one missing swimmer.”

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