Thomas Tuchel says it may be ‘impossible’ to avoid players being distracted by Super League


Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel says it may be ‘impossible’ to avoid his players being distracted by speculation about the club’s involvement in an escaping European Super League.

  • Chelsea was announced as a founding member of the Super League
  • This has led to warnings of possible exclusion from competitions
  • Players can also be banned from tournaments such as the World Cup
  • Thomas Tuchel admits his players may be distracted by the news

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admits it may be impossible to avoid his players from being distracted by the furor surrounding a possible European Super League.

Stamford Bridge was among six English clubs that signed up for the controversial breakout this weekend, sparking warnings of possible exclusion from domestic and European competition. Their players can also be banned from tournaments such as the World Cup.

It comes as Chelsea face Brighton on Tuesday night amid a thrilling battle for the top four ahead of next month’s FA Cup final.

Thomas Tuchel has admitted his players may be distracted by talk of a Super League

Tuchel, who was informed of the planned breakout on Sunday, said he trusts Chelsea to make the right decision.

But when asked if maybe club officials should sit down with the players to keep heads from turning, he said, “Maybe, in short words. I think so, to calm the situation and not get into a situation where this affects our preparation for games.

‘I think in here, for the players and for me, we trust the club, we are employees of the club. I think it’s best if we don’t get involved in sports politics and all these situations.

This is clearly over our heads and it is not the role we need to play to make this club successful.

“All we can do is focus now, which is hard enough. But we have another big topic around us, everyone is talking and I think it might be impossible for the players not to be affected by it, but still it’s way too early … hopefully we can stay calm like being in Cobham and an influence on the players (so that) they are not distracted and that we can bring the performance we need for tomorrow’s game. ‘

As to whether Chelsea could afford this decision, Tuchel added: “I clearly hope not. Everyone wants a calm atmosphere … a calm situation, to be fully focused. Do we have it? Maybe not, but it may be our choice and it is clearly our choice if we let ourselves be influenced, if we read too much about it, if we lose our minds in sports policy matters for which we are not responsible.

“ We’re here in this club to play our part and make sure we (definitely) challenge at the highest level … nothing changes between me and the team, so hopefully we’ll stay calm. Sometimes it’s quietest in the middle of the storm … so let’s hope it is. ‘

Tuchel says he may need to sit with players to make sure they don’t lose focus on this season

The news has sparked the discussion that players can be banned from Euro 2020 and the World Cup

The German remained diplomatic on the controversial topic during Monday’s press conference.

He admitted that he wants to be ‘in the toughest leagues’. But he believes it is too early to say the planned escape will ever materialize.

“I like to play in the toughest leagues in Europe – that’s why I’m at Chelsea,” said Tuchel.

‘I trust my club will make the right decisions and I think it is too early to judge everything. It’s not my role and my badge at Chelsea says I have to play my part, everyone has to play their part and my role is to be a coach. ‘

Some Chelsea fans are planning to protest the proposed Super League during the game at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday. Tuchel asked them to ‘trust’ the club and added, ‘Let’s go into some more details and then we’ll see.’ But he admitted, “They are old enough to make up their own minds and they have the right to express their views.”