This world-ending asteroid is the perfect vehicle for Pink Floyd


If you want a visual of how doom could catch up with Earth almost instantly, YouTube user Anselo La Manna has just the video for you: a large asteroid impact simulation scored nothing but Pink Floyd.

Specifically, that is “Great performance in the air, “From what is arguably the band’s most loved and over-analyzed album, Dark side of the moon. It has everything that needs total destruction: contemplative piano, pedal steel guitar and, of course, a plaintive wail, capturing the full range of emotions people could feel if burned to a core because one big rock hits another. .

Anselo La Manna also hosts the original clip the mashup video uses a simulation of a large asteroid impact on their YouTube page. It seems like Miracle Planet, a documentary series that aired on the Discovery Channel. In comparison, our last brush with a possible asteroid-based death in 2020 was neither deadly nor extraordinarily thrilling. The asteroid missed us and was only about the size of a smart car in the first place.

You might doubt that this video isn’t perfectly synchronized (the vocals can come in well on impact), or that it might not compare to playing Dark side of the moon with the Wizard of Oz. But it perfectly captures the timeless quality of the end of the world in my opinion.

We all dread it, but at least the weekend is just around the corner on Friday.

Suspiciously, Big Ben is somehow still standing in the aftermath of the asteroid impact.