This wireless charging station can do two thirds of what AirPower has promised

It's been almost four months since one of Friday's best news items: On March 29, Apple abruptly canceled the AirPower wireless charging mat that supposedly could charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time, no matter where you placed them. But wireless charging company Zens is guessing that it can do something that Apple couldn't do by introducing the Zens Liberty.


Zens claims that the Liberty uses a set of 16 overlapping wireless charging coils to charge your Qi-compatible devices from anywhere on the mat – just like AirPower should, although AirPower was a rumor to have 21 to 24 spools. The Zens Liberty can charge two devices at the same time, unlike the planned three from AirPower, but it charges at 15 watts each, faster than most wireless chargers. Your Apple Watch may not work, by the way: none of Zen's promotional material shows it on the charger.

Patent applications show what the AirPower charger from Apple looked like on the inside.
Image: iFixit

We also don't know if the multi-coil design of the Zens Liberty overcomes the technical challenges that were claimed to have sunk AirPower, including overheating and possible signals more powerful than would have permitted US or EU regulations. If Apple couldn't figure it out, I'm pretty skeptical that Zens could have done that.

If you are willing to roll the dice for such a new product, Zens says Zens Liberty will be available in two flavors in November: a & # 39; Kvadrat edition & # 39; from $ 139.99 with a nice fabric on top of the aluminum mat and a $ 179.99 limited glass edition, which replaces the fabric with a window that lets you see the mat's loading rollers underneath.

Image: Zens

For an AirPower alternative that is now available, we recommend the Hard Cider Labs SliceCharge Pro, which, although it only has six charge coils, can charge two devices on the mat and an Apple Watch via an integrated watch charger.