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This website makes karaoke song versions of every YouTube video

If you’ve ever tried and didn’t find your favorite song in a karaoke songbook, you’re in luck Youka, a free website that makes karaoke songs from every YouTube video. Youka, short for ‘YouTube to karaoke’, isolates vocals from tracks and extracts lyrics from online sites. Technologist Andy Baio, who first pointed to the app, notes that the service is most likely using Spleeter, an open-source AI tool that isolates vocals from songs.

The app works on almost any number, as long as there are online texts available for it. Although the language selector on the side of the site only shows a few different options, the maker of Youka says the service supports more than 108 languages, so it also works on non-English songs. The vocal isolation works both ways, so you can listen to the karaoke version of a song without vocals and only the instrumentals, or the a cappella version with vocals only.

The vocal isolation is not perfect – you can still get a very vague K.K. to hear. Slider-like voice in the background – but it’s surprisingly fast and effective. It even works on regular videos such as vlogs, if for some reason you feel like watching a video without comment. Or perhaps even more fun, as Baio points out, you can do the opposite and generate a karaoke version of an instrumental song that you will not find in a karaoke book.

Of course the app is probably not long for this world for both legal and logistical reasons. The maker of Youka says the site is currently hosted at $ 2,000 in credits from a cloud provider, and running the site is an expensive operation. The maker says they are planning to open the site “for trial,” so buy a Bluetooth karaoke microphone so far and sing your heart out.