This waterproof shoe protection spray will help keep your shoes white this summer


‘Your shoes will stay like new’: this waterproof shoe protector spray will help keep your shoes white this summer – and is now on sale

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The unreliable weather in Great Britain can wreak havoc on our shoes, especially if you want to keep your shoes looking fresh for as long as possible.

If you want to make sure your sneakers, suede and canvas shoes last, then it might be wise to invest in a waterproof shoe spray. And according to more than 9,000 rave Amazon reviews, the Crep Protect Spray is the best of the best.

It forms an invisible barrier on your shoes and protects your stairs from liquids and stains, keeping them looking like new for longer. Shoppers call it a ‘genius product’ and say it’s great for wear, too. In fact, it’s on sale now for just £ 10.

The £ 10 Crep Protect creates an invisible coating on your shoes that repels liquids and prevents wear and stains

If you want to protect your new trainers from pub spills or spontaneous showers this summer, it’s worth taking the time to give them a try with a waterproof shoe protector spray like this one from Crep.

While there are cheaper copies on the market than this £ 10 option, thousands of Amazon shoppers say this is the cream of the crop, claiming it ‘works wonders’ and is ‘well worth the money’.

The spray acts as a clear barrier, forming an invisible coating that repels liquids and stains, leaving you with peace of mind when you’re on the move.

The waterproof shoe protector spray works on leather, suede, nubuck and canvas shoes, so it can be used on everything from your UGGS to your Supergas and Timberlands.

Suede and nubuck shoes often require more care and maintenance than normal leather shoes, so this is a super simple yet effective step to keep them looking fresher for longer.

To protect your shoes from scratches and spills, customers say it’s a smart way to save you money in the long run. In fact, one customer described the Crep Protect like ‘like insurance for your shoes’, saying ‘your shoes will stay like new’.

Another customer agreed and was enthusiastic about how it ‘really makes such a difference to the lifespan of trainers. Everything wipes away! Great for wet weather or if you have to wear trainers to work. ‘

The Crep Protect is easy to apply and quick drying - just spray twice and you are protected from rain and stains

The Crep Protect is easy to apply and quick drying – just spray twice and you are protected from rain and stains

The repellent spray does not change the appearance of your trainers or footwear, it is invisible so it goes unnoticed while being protected from rain, spills, puddles and more.

Just shake, spray evenly and let it work for ten minutes. Spray them one last time and you’re good to go.

One delighted customer left a five-star review for the waterproof shoe spray, writing, ‘Without this, I wouldn’t consider wearing sneakers.

“I’ve been using this product on my suede trainers for years, wouldn’t consider going out without spraying them … blackcurrant juice spilled on a pair of white ones ….. just fell off the trainers.”

A second customer agreed, adding, “This is an excellent shoe / boot protector for all stains and water. I use it as soon as I get a new shoe, boot or trainer and it helps them stay like new. It really works, so you get what you pay for in this case. ‘

A third wrote: ‘This is actually an amazing product I put 2 coats of this spray on my flynit Vapourmaxes and they were very water resistant and I even dipped on foot in my pool and took it out and it was completely dry.’