This sprinkler playmat gets five-star reviews from lucky parents for sale on Amazon


‘Perfect summer game for all kids’: this spray play pillow gets five-star reviews from happy parents – and it’s on sale for just £15.29

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As temperatures continue to rise in the UK this week, now is a great time to get the kids outside and invest in some fun outdoor games.

If you’re not keen on spending time and money on an inflatable pool this summer, it might be worth investing in a sprinkler mat.

For an easy option that doesn’t require inflation, the iBaseToy Splash Pad is a smart buy. Amazon shoppers describe the sprinkler mat as a “fun toy that won’t disappoint” and a “perfect summer game for all kids” that’s ideal for fighting boredom and heat wave anxiety. Better yet, it’s on sale now for a budget-friendly £15.29 on Amazon.

The £15.29 iBaseToy Sprinkler is a winner with parents and kids battling boredom and heat wave anxiety

Keeping the kids entertained and cool when the temperatures rise is no small feat. But luckily, Amazon shoppers have found a heatwave hack with the iBaseToy Splash Pad.

A splash pad like this one is a great way to enjoy some relief from this heat wave and is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Not to mention it’s much easier to set up and maintain than a paddling pool as you don’t have to spend hours inflating or filling it.

The iBaseToy Splash Pad measures 170 cm in diameter, which is big enough for about two to four children to play happily in it.

Incredibly easy to set up (no need to inflate, fill and empty) it can be set up simply by connecting it to the garden hose, then all you need to do is adjust the water pressure to get a lower or higher nozzle height.

Because they are not deep, the pads are especially suitable for toddlers and younger children. While you may not be able to take a dip or swim, they are ideal for running, diving and diving – just like a water fountain.

It’s no wonder, then, that parents have bought the Summer Purchase, calling it “so much fun” and “the perfect summer gift for kids.”

Because they are not deep, the pads are especially suitable for toddlers and younger children and are a great alternative to paddling pools

Made of durable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, BPA-free and phthalate-free PVC, the inflatable splash pad sprinkler is a great alternative to traditional paddling pools and arguably safer.

One enthusiastic shopper left a glowing review, writing: ‘The perfect summer gift for kids. Since it was quite warm today, I decided to check it out. It is very easy to install.

My kids have played for over three hours but still want to play with it. The best part is that my three kids can enjoy collecting. It is a very good specialty for warm weather.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘I put this in the garden when my sister’s kids were visiting my kids a while back (before the rain).

“They were on it for at least 4 hours and they were moaning when we turned it off! for this price 6 kids had fun all day and will have many more. Great bargain.’

A third wrote: ‘Big enough for several children. It stays well inflated and the water is quite high. My son now asked to blow up the splash pad every day. It’s fun to do when it gets warmer outside and now we want to spend more time in our backyard.”