This screenshot may be the first explicit confirmation of Apple's AR headset

It's no secret that Apple is quietly trying to build a headset with augmented reality. In recent years, Apple has hired, acquired, tried to patent, and repeatedly spoke – Apple CEO Tim Cook called AR as big as the smartphone, and in 2017, 1,000 engineers had reportedly worked on the technology.

But despite repeated rumors that Apple is getting ready to produce such a & # 39; n headset – Bloomberg, CNET and reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have all suggested that Apple wants to produce it in 2019 and ship it by 2020 – it is only today that we see an explicit confirmation from Apple that an AR headset is being tested in the company.

It comes to us in the form of this screenshot from iOS developer and reliable leak finder Steve Troughton-Smith:

Starboard. Garta. If you've followed the rumors of the Apple AR headset closely, you've heard these code names before – perhaps alongside Luck, Franc and HoloKit, which reports have recently appeared in internal builds of iOS 13 from 9to5Mac and MacRumors. But now, Troughton-Smith and 9to5MacGuilherme Rambo say they somehow found their way to public Beta & # 39; s and masters of iOS 13 too.


The screenshot actually says it all: Apple is testing an internal device known as "Garta", and if you want to test your stereo AR apps with that device, you want to put them in "worn" mode so that it can only take place instead other & # 39; distortions & # 39; when the app is being held & # 39; held & # 39 ;.

Which implies that Garta is a stereoscopic AR headset – because that's the kind of device that would adjust the way an augmented reality app would look like lenses before your eyes. (AR and VR headsets typically adjust the & # 39; projections & # 39; of their graphics computer to extend well across your field of vision, while using as little computing power as possible.)

Troughton-Smith says the iOS 13 code also seems to have references to a game controller that may also be used alongside these apps:

But it is not clear what the scope of Apple ambitions is right now – whether we are talking about the legendary Apple glasses, the standalone AR + VR headset with 8K resolution Which CNET talked about in 2018, or maybe a little less interesting. More recently, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the first product would be more of an iPhone accessory, which could be consistent with the idea of ​​apps with both & # 39; worn & # 39; if & # 39; detained & # 39; modes, and coincidentally what Rambo recently reported also.

That report suggested that these code names might refer to something that is more like Samsung Gear VR or Google & # 39; s Cardboard: a handy viewer that you sometimes withdraw when you want to use a phone. And Which could suggest that Apple might not try to put these test equipment on the shelves because Tim Cook has said publicly that Apple will not ship an AR product until it can offer "a great experience."


For now this is only the most explicit sign that Apple is indeed working on an AR headset.