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This popular app is now finally available for Samsung Galaxy S23: polish photos with AI – WhatsNew2Day


Fine-tuning the snapshot: The Enhance-X app is coming to the Galaxy S23. (Image components from sammobilie.com).

The photo editing app Enhance-X is now also available for the following Samsung smartphones: Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 (this emerges from a blog post sammobile.com out).

Enhance-X comes up with some special functions, lined with artificial intelligence, which attracts the inclined hobby photographer.

What features make Enhance-X special?

In addition to the expected functions of a photo editing software – such as adjustable brightness, sharpness and dynamic ranges – Enhance-X is also equipped with some functions that give the app a unique selling point – which would be:

  • Make blurred objects more visible – or alternatively: define different degrees of (un)sharpness for image backgrounds
  • remove shadow: Unwanted shadows are removed with short finger taps
  • Upscale images: Then useful in the application when images are too low resolution
  • Reduce Moire: The moiré effect is an unloved effect from photography, print and film & TV that looks like a wavy pattern – and is less beautiful to look at.
  • Edit any images: It doesn’t matter whether your photos were taken with the Samsung handset – or with a smartphone from another manufacturer: you can edit your photos with the app (i.e. regardless of which smartphone the pictures were taken with)
  • Design portraits according to your own taste: You can adjust the faces in your pictures in terms of: skin smoothing, color tone, chin line and eye size

By the way: If you want to find out whether the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ were able to pass the practical test by our author Dennis Ziesecke, read his recommended test report.

Availability: The app can be obtained via the Samsung Galaxy store; the app takes up around 84 MB of storage space.

One caveat is: the app is only available for Samsung handsets. Loud blog posting the app will soon also be available for the smartphones of the Galaxy S22 product line.

Are you happy that Enhance-X is now also available for the latest generation of Samsung smartphones – or are you unfamiliar with smartphone photography and app-based image editing? Write us about it in the comments.

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