This Nvidia RTX 4090 video wins the best April Fools joke of 2021


April Fools’ Day jokes are usually bland and lack any real effort, but 20-year-old Kasper Andersen has taken the opportunity to perform in 2021 Nvidia’s RTX 4090The Danish hardware enthusiast likes to make homemade replicas of retro graphics cards, but his latest RTX 4090 project envisions a future where Nvidia’s card consumes 1000 watts, has a 12-fan design and 48 GB of VRAM.

The video is a work of art, with subtle details like two power cords, RGB lighting or the ridiculous GPU benchmarking tool that records over 23,000 frames per second. My personal favorite is when the whole PC turns on and the desk starts to wobble, a Pepsi Max can tumble past and then the test rig swings around on its own and crashes into the monitor. It’s pure chef’s kiss.

Andersen’s joke Intel Xe GPU.
Photo: Captain workspace

If that’s not enough, wait for Andersen to unveil the flagship RTX 4090 Ti with eight GPUs in SLI that “only take up four PCIe slots.” Andersen also has one similar video for Intel’s Xe gaming GPUIt includes a GPU to CPU switch on the top, “which allows you to use the card as a motherboard.” There are many more fun videos and projects at Andersen Captain’s Workspace site

Andersen’s pranks won’t make the RTX 4090 more realistic than the constantly sold out RTX 3080. But if you’re still trying to find a new GPU, hopefully this video will put a smile on your face as you battle scalpers, stock alerts, and GPU prices that are full. get out of hand.