This Nintendo Switch is so big that you can actually read the text in Skyrim


Rumor has it that Nintendo has been working on a larger Switch for a while, which reportedly could release later in 2021. But YouTuber Michael Pick don’t wait for a new model from Nintendo – it’s gone and built its own bigger Switch.

Much larger, it turns out: almost 1.8 meters wide, compared to the size of the regular 9.4-inch Switch.

“I really like the Nintendo Switch. It’s small, it’s portable, but it’s very easy to get rid of. And for me that was a problem. So I decided to fix that by making something just a little bit bigger, ”said Pick. That’s a bit of an understatement when you compare Pick’s supersized model (which he says is the world’s largest) to the original.

The gigantic version of the Switch is less of a portable console and more of a chic wooden frame for a 4K TV screen, with 3D printed buttons and a real (normal) Switch hidden inside. To make the buttons work, a smaller Joy-Con controller is stored inside with several servo motors that translate the pressures on the large buttons to the actual hardware inside. The joysticks are even simpler: only solid, 3D printed joysticks centered with rubber bands on top of the smaller Joy-Con joysticks.

Of course, the massive custom Switch loses some of the regular Switch’s portability: at 65 pounds, it’s not something you can take with you easily. And if anyone were to bicker, Pick’s Switch isn’t technically whole functional, without both a touchscreen and removable Joy-Con controllers (making it more of a giant Switch Lite in practice than a giant standard Switch.)

Still, the lack of portability shouldn’t be such a big deal, as Pick is donating the custom console to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.