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This medieval village in Unreal Engine 5 makes even Kingdom Come look old-fashioned


A video shows the vision of a breathtakingly beautiful medieval settlement.

The most beautiful digital Middle Ages are actually in Kingdom Come. Now, however, a new video shows what is still graphically possible. Maybe a possible successor to the role-playing game can learn a few things from it!

The video was only uploaded a few days ago and shows a mountain village in Unreal Engine 5. Here the protagonist wanders through said village, looks around the area and comes across the legacies of the residents – who, strangely enough, all went on their lunch break at the same time are.

Of course, the primary aim here is to demonstrate the graphical possibilities of the UE5. A real game in this style is currently not planned … but it would be so nice! Just look:

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What am I seeing here?

The village was brought to life with the help of Unreal Engine 5 and beautified thanks to other helpful tools. According to the Japanese author, this is his final project, for which he was solely responsible. Houses are said to have been designed with the Maya program, and the river and waterfall go back to Houdini. Megascans were used for vegetation and smaller objects.

On the creator’s Artstation account Taichi Kobayashi can be found in addition to other screenshots and a city map. Of course, this little village does not exist in reality and it is not specified where it is actually supposed to be. According to the creator, however, the mountainous surrounding area was inspired by Switzerland, while the houses also show English influences. He also didn’t want to miss out on a little fantasy, which explains the high-lying huts that were built directly onto the rock face.

How much do you like the video? Do you wish it was a real game or can’t you relate to it at all? Maybe the setting doesn’t appeal to you either! So let us know in the comments what you think and what scenarios you would like similar videos to give an impression of the game graphics of the future.

By the way, we personally like the sausage stand in the video. Those are some really gorgeous polygon sausages!

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