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This is what 62 looks like: mom of five says facials and yoga keep her youthful

Here’s what 62 looks like: mom of five says facials, yoga, and growing her own food keep her youthful

  • Kathryn Danzey, who has five children, lives in Sheffield with her husband Robert
  • Business owner keeps her timeless look with monthly facials
  • She follows a 20-minute yoga workout at home every weekday

Kathryn Danzey lives in Sheffield with her husband Robert, with whom she runs health and wellness company rejuvenated.com. They have five children, Ben, 38, Lo, 35, Lucy, 31, Julia, 29, and Ross, 25, and three grandchildren.


Last summer, my husband and I took a cooking class in Siena, which inspired us to follow a Mediterranean diet at home. We also try to grow our own fruit and vegetables. My fitness levels have improved with all the digging.


Every weekday I do a 20 minute yoga session using my Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga for Beginners DVD (you can also access his routines through a monthly subscription of £ 6.25 on gaia.com). I always preferred a workout at home, even before the lockdown. I spend a lot of time bent over my computer, so yoga helps improve my posture.

Kathryn Danzey (photo) living in Sheffield maintains her timeless look with facials, yoga and natural Botox

Kathryn Danzey (photo) living in Sheffield maintains her timeless look with facials, yoga and natural Botox


Usually I have an A-Lift facial every month (£ 35,195hairlines.co.uk). It is a non-invasive treatment in which two wands, loaded with microcurrent technology, run across your face to stimulate collagen production and strengthen muscles. I’ve been doing it for three years. Until I can go back, I rely on NCN Pro Skincare DNA Serum (£ 90, uk.ninthavenue.com), which really makes my skin glow.


I have never had Botox before. I use Frownies Facial Patches to smooth out the wrinkles between my eyebrows and on my forehead overnight (£ 22.95, frownies.co.uk). They make a difference: The first time I wore them my son asked me if I had Botox! I wear them four to five nights a week.


I have always worked in food and my husband was an engineer. In 2003 we decided to start our own company Rejuvenated, which formulates collagen supplements. These help keep the skin youthful from the inside out. We always start the working day with a dog walk of 40 minutes on the heath.

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