This is the #1 underrated weight loss tip according to Meghan Markle’s trainer

If you’ve tried to lose weight by means of fasting, to cut carbohydrates, or going hard for cardio… it might be time to try something way simpler. A British source shares a slick fitness tip from one of Meghan Marklea‘s trainers, who have come forward with major weight loss Wisdom: If you want to look slimmer, there is one best kept secret among some professionals that has reportedly been shown to deliver important physiological results.

This week, Hey! reported that in 2018, Meghan Markleais former trainer, Craig McNamee, revealed that when Meghan was acting on TV, he and the royal family had “a full-body approach” to her workouts. McNamee added that “since Meghan appeared on the screen, we’ve really focused on our posture,” which included a lot of core work, as well as exercises targeting the back of the body, such as the back, glutes, and hamstrings.

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Eleanor Burt, a sports massage therapist with certification in posture alignment, shared: Hey! that focusing on posture can indeed be a weight loss game-changer. “[…G]Good posture aids weight loss because it promotes the efficiency of virtually all systems in the body,” explains Burt. “The body works as a unit, so the function of your musculoskeletal system (or lack thereof) will affect how well you think, breathe, shift lymph, digest food, and dispose of waste.”

She further explained: “If you are stuck in a heavily flexed position (also known as a slumped, sitting position) without the muscle function to pull yourself out when you stand up, you will find that excessive pressure on the internal organs will affect digestion, breathing patterns and your general vitality.”

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