This hamburger chain serves the best quality beef patties, new report shows

When you go out to enjoy a juicy burger, it’s usually the dripping, gooey cheeses, sauces, and condiments—that is, all the extras—that make for a delicious first impression. But what turns a burger from a mediocre fast food item into a top-notch culinary achievement is the beef. And for the third year in a row, a fast-casual chain has proven its burgers are a cut above the rest in that department.

BurgerFi, a leader among the upscale burger chains, just got top marks for the quality of its beef. For the third year in a row, the 120-piece chain received an A in the annual Chain reaction report, which ranks America’s top restaurant chains by their policies regarding the use of antibiotics in their beef supply chains. BurgerFi serves antibiotic-free Angus beef, which contains no steroids, hormones, chemicals or additives. In addition, the meat is humanely farmed, vegetarian grass-fed and never frozen.

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In contrast, beef from several other major burger chains didn’t stack very well. Meat patties from McDonald’s and Wendy’s got a C, while Burger King, Sonic and Jack In the Box all got an F, indicating that those chains haven’t even put in place policies to limit the use of antibiotics in their beef supply chains.

“It takes an investment to offer premium, never-frozen Angus beef that is free of antibiotics, hormones and steroids, but it is important to satisfy an increasing number of diners who are concerned about quality, transparency and integrity of their food,” says Julio Ramirez. , CEO of BurgerFi. “It’s another example of how we work hard to provide the best citizen experience.”

To celebrate the perfect grade, the chain is currently serving an A+ Meal, a combo that includes a choice between the BurgerFi Cheeseburger, Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger, Conflicted Burger, and Breakfast-All-Day Burger, as well as the chain’s Fresh-Cut Fries. and a Coca-Cola Freestyle drink.

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