This best-selling renpho smart body fat scale is on sale now on Amazon


This best-selling smart body fat scale has a whopping 132,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and is now on sale for £ 25.49

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If the past year has taught us one thing, it is to prioritize our health and fitness. While everyone’s goals are different, having a reliable set of smart scales is a brilliant way to help you stay accountable and learn more about what’s going on in your body.

And if you’re looking for a tried-and-true smart scale that shares metrics like body fat, muscle mass, and water percentage, Amazon buyers say there’s one clear winner, and that’s the Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale.

With a phenomenal backing of more than 132,000 five-star reviews, this smart scale is the number one bestseller in Body Composition Monitors on the site, with shoppers raving about the ‘fantastic’ detailed information and accuracy. Better yet, it’s on sale now for just £ 25.49 – that’s a decent savings of £ 10.

A hugely impressive 81 percent of its reviewers awarded the RENPHO Body Fat Scale an impeccable five-star rating

The RENPHO smart body fat scales understands that weight is not the definitive measure of health – muscle weighs more than fat, for example – so it uses 13 essential measures, including body fat percentage, BMI, BMR, bone mass and protein, to give you a more detailed insight into your composition.

Previously, the only place to get such detailed data was at the gym or with a private personal trainer, but now you can view all your stats from the comfort of your own bathroom – and this scale costs less than £ 26.

It not only shows you 13 essential body measurements, but also syncs with your chosen fitness app to help you set goals, save historical data and track your daily, weekly and monthly progress.

And while not all of us need all of these stats, the body fat scale allows you and your family to share one scale, which is great if you want to get the whole family or your partner involved.

With a near-perfect average score of 4.7 out of 5, the RENPHO body fat scale. Shoppers call it “ accurate and easy to use, ” raving about how it “ makes weighing day easy and keeps track of everything for you. ”

The scale gives you insight with 13 essential measurements and connects to fitness apps to help you track your progress

The scale gives you insight with 13 essential measurements and connects to fitness apps to help you track your progress

One delighted customer left a rave five-star review writing, “Tells me everything I need to know about my body and keeps track of everything too, so it’s easy to track your progress!”

A second customer agreed, adding, “Wow, these scales are great. They calculate your BMI, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, etc. The color of the measurements is great. Green Amber and red so you know what to improve. You can also compare the weight of a specific time. ie a month ago, a week ago etc. You will not be disappointed. ‘

A third wrote: ‘Perfect and accurate for a healthy life. This is great for tracking weight loss and progress. It measures so many things in your body that aid in healthy living and fitness.

‘The app is great for tracking progress, and you can add friends so you can all go on a weightless journey together, and it’s also really helpful that more than one person can use the scale to track their own progress,’ as long as they have downloaded the app. Worked perfectly for me, would definitely recommend. ‘