This behind-the-scenes documentary shows how Oats Studios filmed his Anthem short film

In February, Neill Blomkamp & # 39; s Oats Studios released a short live teaser film for the open-world shooter from BioWare, Hymn. That film tells a short story that highlights some of the larger story elements of the world, and contains some great, live-action visuals that brought it to life. Now Oats has released a long documentary behind the scenes that showed how it made the short film.


The 28-minute documentary shows the incredible effort required to produce that 3.45-hour short film: it involved extensive sets, recordings in Spain and in the rainforests of Hawaii, armor and lots of CGI and stunt work.

In the documentary, Blomkamp also explains why he was attracted to the project: "it is extremely interesting for me thematically, tonal, visually … Hopefully we have a live action glimpse into the relatively large world of Hymnand it is presented in a hyper-realistic, compelling way. "

Blomkamp, ​​who directed District 9, Elysiumand boy (and is planned to establish a follow-up RoboCop), he founded the experimental studio in 2017. He described it as a way to experiment with some of the ideas he had, to see which would resonate with viewers, aiming at one or more of them in a larger movie to change at the end of the road. In the course of the summer Blomkamp released a handful of longer films – Rakka, Firebaseand Zygote – as well as shorter ones, and formed partnerships with Unit and BioWare to produce some other short projects.

National anthem: conviction fits nicely with earlier works by Oats. Instead of an uncomplicated story of 3-4 minutes, Blomkamp plays a much larger story, relying on flashbacks and fast scenes to sketch a much larger story. With his original IP, he was able to scale up the stories to a much larger project if they found the right audience, and this short film feels like it could be a trailer for a franchise-based movie.

One of the ideas that did not appear in the film was the filming of stunt actors flying in wing suits with drones to film them during the flight. They didn't actually do that, but chose to use a wind tunnel instead.

Ultimately, the doc is a neat look at what went into the story. Maybe someday we will get a longer live action project to watch.


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