Things you need to know about petticoats

If you like wearing vintage clothes, then you will know the importance of a good petticoat. Petticoats are a vital or more appropriately, essential part of a vintage or retro wardrobe. Your outfits will be built on them. As the vintage style is coming back, petticoats are being sought after more often. They have become just as popular as they were during the 1950s. Even so, people might not know exactly what they need when it comes to buying a petticoat for their dress. A good petticoat will be able to achieve the look you are after and will also be comfortable to wear.

There are a lot of types of petticoats available in the market. They come in a variety of styles, fabrics and even prices. If you are going for a flouncy and comfortable look, you will have to spend some good money on it. But it won’t be high enough to drill a hole through your pocket. Here is everything that you need to know before you buy a petticoat.


Square dancing and A-line petticoats are the most common forms of petticoats that are worn with vintage dresses. They are worn under a dress having a swing skirt. A-line petticoats built the volume at the lower end of the skirt and square dancing ones have a huge fluff o the sides. Bell-shaped petticoats are also available, which as the name suggests create a bell shaped appearance. For certain types of looks, you might also need to get a petticoat specially made.


  • During the 50s, a hard netting crinoline was popular. This fabric gives a good mount of puff, but is usually very uncomfortable. Moreover if the length is wrong then it might leave an uneven fall. The band and he fabric can be a bit scratch, so you should war long knickers underneath.
  • The modern choice is organza. This fabric provides the fullness just like a crinoline one but it is way more comfortable. You can wear these petticoats over another petticoat too. You will get more puff this way.
  • Soft netting is also preferable. They are quite delightful and have a beautiful fluff. But these petticoats can’t over much volume. For daily use, they are extremely comfortable and they also offer a great spin. These petticoats can be made to be loose at the top part or even tight. The loose top is appropriate for circle skirts where you will need extra fabric. But with a dress you will need a fit petticoat that is tight at the top and flaring at the base. You should avoid buying brightly coloured petticoats as you won’t be wearing them as often and they will take up a lot of space in your wardrobe. 
  • The most ideal type of fabric is soft chiffon. They are so great that they can even be worn without a skirt or dress. But they are also a bit expensive so multi-layered ones will cost a lot of money.

You can find all styles of petticoats at JJ’s House. When you are buying a petticoat, you need to make sure you have the right fit, fluff, length and shape. This way, you will get the look you desire.