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Things You Need to Know About Hot Tub Filters


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Spa filters are more useful than you may even imagine. They filter out almost all the dirt from hot tubs making it more suitable to soak in. The gunk that flows in the tub is not visible through eyes, but a filter does a great job to emit all of it. You can soak into your hot tub without having to worry about the dirt. However, you also need to maintain the spa filters regularly to keep them working in the long run. To help you know your hot tub filters, here is a guide that can be a great help. 

  1. How are spa filters made? 

You can find majorly two different types of spa filters- pleated spa pool filters and micron spa filters. These two types are largely used in modern portable spas and swim spas. 

Pleated spa pool filters are the popular and very common type in the market. They are excellent for filtering out 20 microns or larger dirt particles. Its cartridges are manufactured from pleated filter material called media. At the same time, micron spa filters work in a different manner. They are either used in combination with pleated filters or sometimes alone. Their major benefit is that they don’t need much expense for chemicals. Looking down at the hot tub parts is a crucial aspect of determining the quality of the filter. 

  1.  How long do they last? 

Numerous aspects affect the life of any hot tub filters. These include how much and for how long you have used the filter and how you have maintained it. After a long interval, the hot tub cartridges need replacement because it may gradually block up. That is why you must clean the pleated filter now and then, preferably every two weeks. However, you cannot clean micron filters; they can only be replaced. Prefer to do it every 3-6 months if you are using it regularly. Some signs that your filter needs replacement are: 

  • The hot tub water is not clear. 
  • The cartridge gets quickly blocked, and you need to clean it in a short interval. 
  • Lesser than usual water flow and greater differential flow (it is the difference between pressure coming in and out usually due to blocked cartridges). 
  • A damaged or cracked cartridge. It is very rare unless there is a problem with hot tub plumbing. 

You may also use hot tub test strips to test the quality of water. 

  1. Changing the filters  

If you have used the hot tub filter for a long, say about a year, you can change it. However, it is even preferable to change after every 18 months. Depending on the maintenance schedule, you can decide whether to change it or not.   

General tip: The general life of a hot tub filter is 18 months. After that, the pump’s efficiency may get low, and there might be an increased risk of damage. 

The high-quality tub filters may easily be found at the store that has hot tubs for sale. Get them from the right manufacturer to ensure a long life. 

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