Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair

As a gamer, you need to make sure that each and every one of the gears in your arsenal is up to standards. Just like in a game, the better the equipment, the better it’s going to be in terms of performance. We’ve got gaming mouses, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, and many others. Now, gaming chairs – are they really worth it?

Over the last couple of years, gaming chairs have risen to popularity significantly. Popular streamers and YouTubers are partly to thank for this. If you are concerned about your health, comfort, and posture, then yes, gaming chairs are definitely worth the buy.

Buying a gaming chair might not be something that you are used to. Here’s a short guide on how you can get the best one.


If you were to ask any gamer what the most important aspect of a gaming chair is, it has to be adjustability. As clearly stated by the experts at, adjustability is important because you are constantly going to realign your chair so that you feel more comfortable with it. What level of adjustability should be there?

For one, the chair’s seat height should be adjustable. You’re going to want a chair that allows you to adjust accordingly, especially if you’re going to use the chair for more than just gaming. Aside from that, the chair’s armrest, headrest, and backrest need to be adjustable too. There will be days where your body will feel different and even achy in some parts. Being able to adjust your gaming chair can help prevent the pain from getting worse. In some cases, it can even give some form of relief too.


Gaming chairs are made out of various materials and each features its upsides and downsides. What you choose should depend on what you are comfortable with but it’s best to know the good in each of the materials.

  • Leather – high-end gaming chairs are made out of high-quality leather. These are the most expensive chairs to buy but they are also the most durable as well.
  • PU Leather – it’s the next best thing to real leather. Basically, it’s what’s left of the top layer of real leather. It’s not as durable as the real thing but it is more affordable.
  • Synthetic Leather – as the name suggests, this is faux leather. It’s not as strong as real leather and PU leather but in terms of price, it’s really easy on the budget. The problem with synthetic leather though is that cracks can appear on the surface over time.
  • Fabric – in terms of comfort, fabric gaming chairs are at the top of the line. What’s bad about them though is that they are not as water-resistant as compared to leather gaming chairs.
  • Mesh – this is a more breathable form of fabric. Many gamers prefer this as aside from being more comfortable, mesh gaming chairs are also easy on the budget. On the downside, the small linings on the mesh can get caught in sharp objects.


Of course, brand matters when it comes to gaming chairs. The better the brand, the better the gaming chair would be, as they say. While this isn’t always the case, trusting in names trusted by other gamers can do your money well. That being said, some of the top brands include Secretlab, Corsair, Logitech, and Andaseat.

Keep in mind that with an established name, comes a high price. However, what you get out of trusting in these brands is assurance that your gaming chair is of the highest quality as well. Don’t limit yourself to what’s popular though. Do your own research as some smaller brands do create amazing gaming chairs as well.


This is arguably one of the last factors that you should worry about but you should worry about it nonetheless. As a gamer, you’d want your gaming chair to fit your overall aesthetic too. This is why style matters for most gamers. Whether you’re a streamer or just a regular gamer, a good gaming chair should fit your style.

Some brands allow you to customize the style of your chair. If this option is available, make sure to try it out. At least through customization, your chair is going to fit your aesthetic well.

Picking a gaming chair is a good decision not just for your hobby, but also for your hobby.  There’s a reason why more and more gamers are getting chairs of their own, and that’s because these gaming chairs come with amazing benefits that can make gaming more comfortable.