5 Things to Know to Vape Safely

Besides satisfying their nicotine craving, many vapers want to vape safely, and giving up their vape pens is not an option. After all, many vapers believe that vaping is pretty safe and comes with fewer health hazards than smoking. This, however, does not entirely rule out the dangers of vaping. 

There are few risks available with vaping as well, and as such, this knowledge can go a long way in helping people veer to the side of caution while vaping. Many people agree that vaping comes with less risk and is not a license to be careless with it.

As a result, this article will discuss essential points with which users can remain safe while vaping. 

1. Your Mod Should not overheat.

The presence of batteries inside the Mod calls for caution while in use. When using the device, it is good to take a break when it starts getting too hot. This is one of the essential tips to take note of when learning how to vape.

Since there are batteries in the Mod, it might cause trouble if it overheats. When a mod gets excessively heated up, the battery could leak toxic chemicals known as venting. 

As a result, make sure to allow your device to cool down often. Do not get so high and carried away and vape till the device overheats. As a rule of thumb, If the device gets too hot to touch, let it cool down. 

2. Be Careful of the Batteries

One of the sources of accidents when people vape is the poor handling of the vape batteries. It is essential to care for the battery to avoid anything that can trigger an accident or an explosion. Leaving the batteries in a vehicle parked in the sun on a summer afternoon, for instance, can start disaster. Even if there is no explosion, overheating or production of gas are issues common with vape batteries. 

Make sure the batteries and your vaping device are always kept in a cool and dry place. It should not be kept close to your body; hence carrying the battery in your pocket, wallet, or purse is a bad idea. Herbonaut has a list of top-notch vaporizers that come with a great battery life. You might want to check it out.

3. Avoid using e-liquids with THC. 

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), a group of patients was suffering from a condition known as EVALI. These patients had Vitamin E acetate in their lung fluid, which was absent in healthy people’s lungs. 

EVALI is an umbrella name for vaping products linked to lung injury. This condition was associated with the death of some people in the US. 

Vitamin E acetate is used as a thickening agent for vaping juice that contains THC. The CDC believes that THC is linked to such lung issues, and they advise people against using it. As a result, stay away from e liquids with THC. Even if you want THC there, it should be in trace amounts, around 0.2% or less. 

4. Avoid Modifying Your e-liquids

E-liquids that come from reputable producers must have gone through a strict manufacturing process. There are usually stringent conditions to ensure that the output meets safety standards and is not in any way dangerous to the users. After in-depth research, the manufacturers know what is best for users in the right proportion. 

As a result, modifying the vape juice in any way via the inclusion of other substances might not be a good idea. Unless you are entirely sure of what you are doing, you might create an adverse effect for yourself when you modify your e-liquid.

This is pretty popular with people that watch tricks and tips on vaping. It is common to see people re-filling their mods with various substances such as hot sauce. When you consider the potent spice in hot sauce, it is a dangerous game as it can lead to throat irritation. 

There are assorted juice flavors with a delicious aroma you can try if you want to varieties. It is a risk to put a strange substance in your juice. 

5. Observe Good Hydration Levels

One of the most important safety tips is to take care of yourself. This comes down to being in tune with your body and observing the signals from it. It is one of the essential safety tips when vaping.

According to research, vaping can trigger dehydration, even though many people are not so careful to keep this in mind. When you vape for long periods, it can lead to excessive dehydration. Water is essential for the body’s optimal function, which makes it crucial to replace the lost liquid. 

Watch out for signs of dehydration like headache, excessive thirst, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, dry mouth, dry eyes and lips, dark yellow urine, loss of appetite, etc. 

Above all, you need to take care of yourself. Whenever you find it difficult to taste your juice, it might be a sign to take a step back.


Without a doubt, vaping comes with many advantages when compared to smoking. Vaping is cheaper and less traumatic on the body. The chemicals are not as harmful and invasive as what you have in a cigarette.

This is not to completely rule out the hazards and dangers of vaping. One still needs to observe some safety precautions to have a good time while vaping.