Things to Know About Child Custody Cases

Preparation for a child custody case can very well be one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever have in your life. By not preparing well enough as a parent, you could end up having limited or no visitation rights depending on the court’s judgment. Ensure that you’re ready for your case by understanding these important factors that go into the decision of the court.

Living Arrangements

Ultimately, the court is most interested in how to make the life of the child as best as possible. You’re going to want to make sure that your living arrangement is perfect for your child as this can affect your case positively or negatively. To make sure your living arrangement is alright, make sure the place you are staying at has enough space for them like a separate bedroom so the court doesn’t think they would be too packed in. You’ll also want to keep in mind that you might have to move to a place closer to your child’s school as the court might rule otherwise that you would only get weekend visitation. Ensure that your living arrangement is up-to-par before heading to court.


While you may feel that you paint enough of a good picture of yourself, the court generally is interested in what others think. Having important witnesses like family members and neighbors is crucial as they can give the court a good testimony on how much of a good parent that you are around them. If you have the right connections, make sure that you involve important people in your community like teachers since their opinion might weigh better. Always look into how you can get others to help you in your fight for visitation.


It’s well understood that a divorced couple might not favor each other as much as they did before. However, it’s important to the court that you’re able to treat your significant other with enough respect around your child. The court likes to see a good level of respect as it not only is respectful for your child that sees you both as equals but for being able to make important decisions together that affect your child’s upbringing. To prove your cooperation to the court, have witnesses explain how you treated your ex around them after divorce or bring proof on what you both have been able to accomplish for your child near or post-divorce. Understanding the vital role of cooperation is crucial in having your child custody case go well.

Equal Time

Proving that you can cooperate well with your ex is important in not only making sure that you get the visitation you want but can even make it easier in the bargaining process. Child custody cases have been well known for creating life-long issues depending on how much they drag out so it can be better to make a good outline of visitation that both parties would be ok with before going to court. To make this work, talk back and forth between what parts of the week you’d like to see your child while understanding that they would like to see their child as well. From there, create an outline by either putting down the days of the week each party wants or even doing off-weeks in which each parent will see the child one week at a time. The court is going to make their own decision but based on the evidence provided, they might be completely ok going with the visitation plan you both have created. Talk to your ex about equal time if you feel that you both would be ok with it.