Things to consider before choosing any best online course platform

The future of education is about technology adoption and tackling the challenges that arise day by day. As online educators, you must make sure your learners are happy with their learning experience in your educational platform so they continue to be motivated and engaged with online learning. 

You probably might be using free online learning platforms like Udemy or Coursera or if you are considering using a new learning platform of your own, you need to have the best online eLearning platform. This blog is a comprehensive guide to the essential aspects that will help you to choose the best online course platform. 

Determine your requirements and goals

With a plethora of eLearning platforms to choose from, you must follow a well-defined search criterion to find the best online course platform. It is important to know exactly what you need from a learning system and how it can help you reach your business objective and goals. 

To set the business goals you want to achieve with online learning, you need to look for specific and measurable goals that are time-limited and achievable. For example, if you set a goal like boost sales without specifying things, it is difficult to steer yourself in the right direction. Instead, set clear goals like increasing sales by 30% in 6 months. Additionally, to make the process of reaching your goals easier, you can break your goals to smaller tasks which will help to set realistic project expectations. 

Consider your audience

As simple as it sounds, identifying your audience is critical for the success of your online teaching. Learner satisfaction is one of the significant aspects that will contribute to the success or failure of online training programs. 

Think about your online courses as a product and your students and your customers. You need to keep your customers happy with good product offerings so that they continue to your loyal customers. Likewise, making sure your students are engaged in learning programs is important. To achieve all of that you will have to define your audience first. Who are you planning to deliver your content? 

Are you delivering your online learning courses to undergraduates, employees, members, or anyone else? What are your goals for your training program? How do you want your learners to access the content? Are you delivering content to learners who have already been exposed to eLearning? Ask these questions to understand who your audience is and what are their requirements. 

Define the features you need

After determining your business requirements and goals, now it is time to define the features you require or the demand for the eLearning system. The more specific you are with your eLearning requirements, the easier it is to find the right online learning platform for your needs. You need to look for the learning management features that both learners and administrators will be using. 

These are some of the important features you have to look for in your eLearning platform. 

  • User and course management
  • Learning models
  • Creation of learning content
  • Analytics and reports
  • Security features
  • Mobile eLearning

Explore the market

Once you have designed the features your eLearning platform must have, you need to decide on the price of your online courses. Now the next challenge is to narrow down hundreds of options to a shortlist of solutions.

You can enquire with fellow educators and friends about the solutions they are using to power their online training. If you find someone who uses the solution you have shortlisted, you can leverage their hands-on experience to make a decision. Also, look for user reviews and ratings of online learning solutions. 

Cost consideration

When searching for the best online course platforms, don’t omit the financial aspect. To find the perfect learning platform that goes alongside your budget, you need to consider different pricing models and define the one that is suitable for your requirements. For example, there are some of the pricing models where you just have to pay for the total number of users who use the system or pay a fixed number of users. 

Evaluate the solutions

Once you have gone through all the aspects and make a list of final choices, it is time to dig in a little deeper and learn more about the best online course platforms you have in your hand. Have a deep look into the eLearning platform and check whether it has all the necessary features and make sure there aren’t many unwanted features. 

Features must be the primary aspect you check to make a decision. If a particular learning solution doesn’t meet your requirements, remove it from your list. Pay attention to the authority of the solution you have chosen. Look for their customers and their experience in the industry. Apart from the features, find out how things are with tech support. Best quality tech support implies a better ability to contact the team, fast feedback, and effective problem-solving. 

Test your platform

Whenever you buy you would naturally test it to see how it works in real. Likewise, test your eLearning solution and see whether it will help you reach your goals. Most online learning solutions come with free trials at least for 15 days. If there is an option of a free trial, utilize the chance to test all the features and capabilities of the platform. 

Instead of just going through the platform, try out a few scenarios that your users will most likely experience in your platform so that you can see exactly how they look like ad work. To get started, invite a few users, upload your training resources, assign content, and try creating demo tests in the editor. Finally, test the extra features that you may want to use. Additionally, try contacting the tech support to see how they work. Pay attention to how quickly you get a response and whether it is easy to communicate with the team.


Another important factor to consider when choosing an eLearning platform is to decide whether you need to customize your platform or not. In some eLearning platforms, you can only change color schemes and add your branding like a logo. 

Whether some online tutoring software allows redesigning the platform so that it seamlessly blends with your brand’s standards. If you want to enjoy a high degree of customization, choose white-label platforms that allow you to personalize your software according to your requirements and goals to style your eLearning website to suit corporate standards.


There is no shortage of online learning resources in this digital age, but choosing the best solution that aligns with your needs is the best bet. To make the process of choosing an online learning platform easier for you we have put together the essential things to consider. Use the tips to have an understanding of what an eLearning platform should offer so you are very likely to make a wrong decision.