Things to Check in a Golf Course Mower Before Investing

Are you planning to buy a golf course mower but have no technical knowledge to figure out a suitable one? The mowers of golf courses differ from a typical lawn mower that you use at home or in the public parks. In a golf course, you have to maintain a large area of more than 30 hectares. In order to manage the grass length perfectly, we need supplying powerful, fast and precise equipment. Only a few companies have a good reputation in supplying the fines golf course equipment. Also, there are some important technical aspects you need to consider as we are mentioning below. Please take a look.

5 considerable things before buying a golf course mower 


  • Brand reputation 


John Deers, Toro and Jacobsen golf course mowers are some reputed names currently present in the market that you need to consider. Always remember that golf course maintenance requires utmost precision which is not possible without good quality equipment. We can only rely upon the leading brand holding a long experience of manufacturing golf course mowers with improvised design and mechanism. Search online for the leading brands of golf course mowers currently serving in your locality. 


  • Reel or Rotary blades mechanism


For which purpose you are going to buy the golf course mower? This is the first thing to clarify before contacting a golf course maintenance equipment seller. On the basis of blades mechanism, there are two types of mowers available in the market i.e. 

  1. Reel 
  2. Rotary

The reel mowers are equipped with a helical structure of blades that precisely cut down the grass at any length without damaging the roots. On the other hand, rotary mowers chop grass vertically. These mowers are useful for trimming grass at a longer height. We actually need both of these mowers. Reels work with utmost precision but they are slower. We recommend reel mowers only for the tee box and fairway area. Rotary mowers work faster and suitable for areas like greens, roughs and hazards.


  • Speed with consistency 


Check practically whether the Jacobsen golf course mowers you are buying are working fast while maintaining quality consistency or not. For instance, don’t buy a reel mower if it is damaging the roots while setting the blades at their lowest profile level. 


  • Comfort features


You have to operate golf mowers for long hours because the golf course is broadly stretched in around 70 hectares of land. There must be adequate comfort features for the operator. Check the sitting comfort as well as a cool top can5opy to work in sully days. 

Even if you are looking for used turf equipment for sale, don’t forget to consider these points. Many used golf course equipment sellers are currently approachable online where you can find similar equipment of different brands and conditions. Used equipment should belong to renowned brands like Jacobsen because their service stations are easily approachable where OEM parts for replacement and repair are available. Always choose a brand after checking the nearby addresses of authorized service centers.