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These three kinds of jewelry are not recommended to buy!

Women are naturally interested in some jewelry. Many women are financially independent, and with the improvement of their social status, they have higher requirements for some accessories rather than just dressing and makeup. Many women start to pick some suitable jewelry for themselves.

Women wearing jewelry are not only a symbol of status, but also show their taste and improve their temperament. Especially for women at work, or some successful women, jewelry is even more important.

A good jewelry can better reflect the temperament of a person and show the taste of women. A piece of tacky and cheap jewelry can suddenly pull down a person’s overall temperament, and also pull down the level of appearance. When women choose jewelry, like most jewelry on the market, gold and jade and crystal are the most common jewelry.
Let’s talk about the three most common types of jewelry that women tend to tread on today. No matter how cheap it is, don’t buy it.

First: Artificial crystal

The first kind is artificial crystal. Crystal is a very beautiful and colorful jewelry. Compare with diamond ring, crystal is a lot cheaper. It’s also one of the most popular pieces of jewelry to buy. Crystal is the most profitable in necklace photo jewelry, so it is also easy to adulterate. When buying crystal jewelry, it is recommended to have an expert to take you there, otherwise it is very easy to be deceived. It took two to three times the price and bought the inappropriate jewelry, it is a loss.

And the money to buy the crystal is better to buy a diamond that can really preserve value! Diamonds are large and small, and prices are naturally high or low, not all very expensive. I believe many people have heard that tiny diamonds are worthless, but in fact, tiny diamonds are not “broken diamonds”! It is a complete one, but it is small in size, set in jewelry, with a faint glow, but not too high-profile. The veritable low-key luxury has its connotation. If you buy a real diamond within your budget, you can wear it everyday, be fashionable and delicate, and keep its value! Why not?

Second: Big pearl necklace

The second type is the large pearl necklace. For this whole large pearl necklace, the average person can’t hold it. This large pearl necklace is also outdated in the fashion trend. This jewelry is too exaggerated and vulgar. No matter what style you wear, wearing this kind of jewelry will make you look especially swollen and fat, which will lower your appearance level. Leave a bad first impressions to other.

What kind of pearl jewelry is fashionable and elegant?

Do not choose jewelry is all pearl. The pearl is round and translucent, which gives people a feeling of blessing and is loved by many people. If you want to be blessed but not bloated during the wearing process, you can choose this pearl as the finishing touch! Round and white pearls, paired with platinum or gold, the whole is more noble and fashionable. Or you can choose a small pearl necklace that retains the characteristics of the pearl and is fashionable and exquisite.

Third: Too big gold bracelet

The last type is the gold bracelet, this is a kind of jewelry that become more popular among women in recent years.

Gold bracelets are generally purchased in grams. The most suitable grammage for gold jewelry cheap jewelry online is between 20 grams and 30 grams, the jewelry is exquisite and elegant, yet generous. Some people think that the gold bracelet is the same as buying a diamond ring. The more expensive the better, the bigger the better. But such a gold bracelet is not only the thick of the entire bracelet, but also has a certain pressure on our wrists. Unless it is purchased at the time of marriage, it is recommended to control the weight in a proper amount when buying a gold bracelet.

Someone must be confused at this time! The 20-gram or even 30-gram gold bracelet is very small and not elegant at all. In fact, the gold bracelet itself is soft, and with the development of the society, the styles of various gold jewelry are very diverse, and the style is exquisite and special. In the thousands of models, you will definitely have one that suits you.
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