These States Have COVID “Get Out Of Control”

Average COVID deaths in America just crossed 2,000 a day, a grim milestone you might find hard to believe as you wish everything was back to normal. But it is true. The Delta variant is “more transmissible” and thus more dangerous, responsible for a nationwide rise in infections. Some states are more infested than others. To see which states get infections out of control, read on — and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss this one Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID.

Cityscape of Gatlinburg

Cityscape of Gatlinburg

“The current Covid situation remains dire as many of the US hospitals in the West, Southeast and Appalachia are filled with Covid patients. Doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and exhausted. new cases by a few weeks — has continued to rise lately. About 2,000 Americans die every day,” said the… New York Times just an hour ago. “The situation here is worse than in almost any other country. The death rate in the US in the past two weeks, adjusted for population, is more than twice that in Britain, more than seven times that in Canada and more than ten times that of Germany.”

Mississippi welcome sign with the words "Birthplace of America's Music"Mississippi welcome sign with the words "Birthplace of America's Music"

Mississippi welcome sign with the words “Birthplace of America’s Music”

“Mississippi has the highest death toll per capita from Covid-19 in the United States, according to data from Johns Hopkins University on Saturday. Nearly one in 320 people in Mississippi has died from the coronavirus,” CNN said. They would be second to Peru in deaths per capita, as CNN’s Jake Tapper noted. “Why? One reason is that the US – after making an excellent start – is now following many of these countries.” in Covid vaccination coveragesays the New York Times. “Nearly one in four American adults has still not received an injection. The unvaccinated remain” disproportionate people without college degrees and Republican voters.”

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Boise IdahoBoise Idaho

Boise Idaho

“In a worrying sign of the escalating spread of the Delta strain of the coronavirus in regions with lower vaccine admission, several states have begun rationing health care,” reports News week. Earlier this week, Idaho — where only about 40 percent of residents are fully vaccinated — announced it was expanding health care rationing across the state after a spike in COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization, depleted resources… But Crisis standards of care mean resources that are limited, such as ICU beds and ventilators, are given to patients who have a higher chance of survival.” “Our hospitals and health care systems need our help,” said Dave Jeppesen, the director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, in a statement Thursday, urging people to get vaccinated.

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Skyline of Columbus, Ohio, USA on the Scioto River.Skyline of Columbus, Ohio, USA on the Scioto River.

Skyline of Columbus, Ohio, USA on the Scioto River.

“There is no place you can run from the COVID,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, adding “the data is now clear that there is higher levels of COVID in school districts where masks are not required.” “Twenty-five percent of (coronavirus) cases in Ohio are children,” said Deborah Feldman, president and CEO of Dayton Children’s Hospital. Tiffin Ohio. “We feel that in our children’s hospitals. We see demand in our emergency departments and our access points at unprecedented levels….Today we had two beds – two beds – available in the hospital for children who need them, with the exception of our ( neonatal intensive care unit) and behavioral health beds.”

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Sunset in MontanaSunset in Montana

Sunset in Montana

“In both Idaho and Montana, a combination of factors is used to determine a patient’s priority score,” and a lower score means they are more likely to survive and push them higher on the resource list,” says News week. “Both states score people based on saving the highest number of their ‘life years,’ so people with cancer or other diseases that affect their life expectancy get higher scores, according to the AP.”

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Female doctor or nurse giving shot or vaccine to a patient's shoulder.  Vaccination and prevention against flu or virus pandemic.Female doctor or nurse giving shot or vaccine to a patient's shoulder.  Vaccination and prevention against flu or virus pandemic.

Female doctor or nurse giving shot or vaccine to a patient’s shoulder. Vaccination and prevention against flu or virus pandemic.

Follow public health basics and help end this pandemic wherever you live – get vaccinated as soon as possible; if you live in an area with a low vaccination coverage, wear an N95 face mask, don’t travel, social distancing, avoid crowds, don’t go in with people you don’t hide with (especially in bars), practice good hand hygiene, and to protect your life and that of others, don’t visit any of these 35 places you are most likely to get COVID.