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These shooter scenes are going viral: what’s your opinion on the frighteningly realistic Unrecord? – WhatsNew2Day


Unrecord is currently storming the wish lists Steam up and lets the users discuss. The title separates the spirits with its approach of a highly realistic police shooter from the bodycam perspective. What do you think of the title? What’s your first impression? Please vote above!

Unrecord: (too) impressive real?

The shooter is particularly impressive in terms of technology. Various video effects such as interlacing and bloom capture the bodycam view in a credible and deceptively real way. Added to this are high-quality assets in the form of models and textures, which are in line with the capabilities of the new Unreal Engine promise a visual treat.

The free movement of your character’s hands is controlled by a innovative target system reached. This should – even if it seems unusually hectic at first glance – ensure immersion. Unrecord wants you yourselves how a person in a police uniform feels on dutynot like a hardened fighting machine.

In fact, the title mimics the real world through the camera lens so well that initial reactions to it on the internet Doubting authenticity and suspecting a fake. We have already summarized the first reactions in this article and shown them with examples.

You haven’t seen the much discussed video yet? Then this way:

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Unrecord: Trailer for the most photorealistic shooter you’ve ever seen

What is Unrecord exactly? We don’t know much about gameplay, story and so on yet, but the developer has published the first details about the concept of the Unreal Engine 5 shooter: It’s waiting for you a pure single player shooter, the one with complex dialogues and difficult moral dilemmas attaches great importance to the story, which should be reminiscent of a detective novel or thriller.

As a police officer, you investigate various criminal cases and have to deal with a variety of characters. The developers describe it on their website as a mixture of the story hit Firewatch and the SWAT shooter Ready Or Not.

What do you think of the shooter otherwise? Does the described gameplay appeal to you or is the intended approach simply too close to reality for you? Do you want to slip into the shoes of a police officer and playfully experience dramatic, if not potentially traumatic, experiences through his bodycam? Vote above and share your thoughts on Unrecord in the comments!

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