These magnesium bath flakes are ‘perfect for a good night’s sleep and a pain reliever’


Shoppers rave about how these magnesium bath flakes can help you get a good night’s sleep – and they’re on sale now for just £7 on Amazon

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Over the past year, many of us have developed various rituals to keep calm, switch off, and get a better night’s sleep.

Adding bath salts to your evening soak in the tub not only feels restorative, but if you add the right ones, it can help address health concerns and improve your sleep as well.

Enter the BetterYou original magnesium flakes. Thousands of Amazon shoppers have seen a range of benefits after adding the “magic” flakes to their bath. Most notably, the flakes have been praised for relaxing and unwinding tired muscles, with shoppers saying they “naturally relieve pain” and “put you to sleep like a baby.” Still better? A pack of flakes is on sale now for just £6.99.

Enjoy your sleep: the BetterYou Original Magnesium Flakes are now on sale for £6.99

Magnesium has long been touted as the secret to a good night’s sleep, but did you know it can also help a host of issues, from managing stress to tackling cramps and supporting bone health?

While it can be found in foods such as avocado, nuts and seeds, magnesium is also well absorbed when applied topically. It’s no wonder thousands of Amazon shoppers are fans of the BetterYou original magnesium flakes, which she describes as ‘magical’, ‘fantastic’ and the key to ‘the best night’s sleep ever’.

Research has shown a link between insomnia, muscle aches and excessive anxiety in a magnesium deficiency. While there isn’t one solution for everyone, at £6.99, the bath flakes are worth a try.

According to the product description, the magnesium flakes are a natural muscle relaxant and help relieve muscle tension and stiffness. Not only are they great after a hard workout, but they’re also great when used before bed to calm and calm you down.

Shoppers claim that the bath flakes promote a better night's sleep, relieve restless legs and soothe tired muscles

Shoppers claim that the bath flakes promote a better night’s sleep, relieve restless legs and soothe tired muscles

To get maximum benefits, all you need to do is add 250g of the flakes (about two cups) to your bath. Then sit back and relax for 20 minutes. You can also increase the amount for a more intense experience.

A delighted shopper left a glowing five-star review for the BetterYou Magnesium Flakes, writing: ‘After covid, my body still hurts and sleep is often disrupted, so a good dip in these salts will help ease the pain and aid in a good night’s sleep.

“However, it can dry out the skin, but that goes for all magnesium, so make sure you apply lotion to your body and a good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed.”

Another customer added: ‘I use less than recommended full cup of magnesium flakes in the bath, but I still notice amazing effects – my child suddenly feels very sleepy (same routine as usual, just BetterYou magnesium flakes added to water), no itchiness , no rash, I sleep like a baby and no more calf cramps at night!! I’m going to buy more. Better than Epsom salts, in my opinion.’

A third wrote: ‘Absolutely brilliant for a good soak in a bath. Feels really great on the skin and relieves muscle soreness after a long run – highly recommended.’