These Crocs are like the yoga mat of sandals, and they retail for just $25 – ‘Comfortable from day one!’

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So stylish and deceptively comfortable.  (Photo: Amazon)

So stylish and deceptively comfortable. (Photo: Amazon)

Crocs have evolved beyond the perforated clogs we associate the brand with. Crocs are no longer just a staple in the wardrobe of chefs and medical professionals, but have become indispensable for moms on the go, school kids and even the most fashionable types. It’s no longer just clogs either: one style that has captured the hearts and closets of fashion-conscious shoppers is the Kadee II Sandals, and they are massively sold out.

These sandals are the ultimate style to wear anywhere – they’re waterproof so you can rock them at the beach or during the late summer rain, and they’re super light meaning you can wear them all day without your feet screaming. for assistance. Made from the iconic Croslite that makes Crocs the most comfortable footwear, these go the extra mile (as it were) with soft, flexible straps that mold to your foot and provide stability with every step.

How cute is this watermelon hue?  (Photo: Amazon)How cute is this watermelon hue?  (Photo: Amazon)

How cute is this watermelon hue? (Photo: Amazon)

One note: The Kadee Ii is only available in full sizes, so if you’re a half size or somewhere in between, order one size up for your perfect fit.

They’re available in 17 colors and prints, including leopard, tropical palm, and stylish cherry prints — and many retail from just $25.

Plus, nearly 1,600 shoppers gave them a perfect five-star review.

A first-time Crocs shopper swears by how comfortable this style is. She wrote: “I’ve never owned a pair of Crocs. Everyone at work has one. I decided to try them on…. When I put them on, I fell in love immediately. They’re so comfortable. I walked them through the house and I didn’t even feel like breaking into them. They are literally perfect. I plan to buy more, maybe a different style. I highly recommend getting some of these!”

Lilac?  Don't mind if we do!  (Photo: Amazon)Lilac?  Don't mind if we do!  (Photo: Amazon)

Lilac? Don’t mind if we do! (Photo: Amazon)

Multiple shoppers even pointed out that there is absolutely no break-in time with these — you can just slip them on and go. “Start wearing these right away on vacation without breaking them in,” one shared. “They were comfortable and didn’t need to be broken in. Super handy for rinsing sand and dirt off the beach.”

Another added: “Very comfortable from day one. No need to ‘break’ them in. I have five pairs of crocs. I love them.”

Reviewers also love that they’re perfect shoes to wear when it’s raining or on wet terrain – like your yard! “Looking for sandals that look like flip flops, but in style!” one shared. “I also wanted something waterproof. I’ve been out too many times to water plants and go in and let my shoes dry! They also look good enough to wear with shopping and casual events.”

Even skeptics love it. “Comfortable, light as a feather, but sturdy,” one shared. “They don’t absorb water at all, so they dry super fast. AND the design looks great on the foot…a slide with style! I didn’t expect to like them so much.”

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