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These are the five MMOs you’re looking forward to the most – WhatsNew2Day


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These are the five MMOs you’re looking forward to the most

While we were listening to the sweet murmur of the circular saw from the case modding stand at the CAGGTUS in Leipzig, you devoted yourselves to the really important questions – namely in our survey, which online role-playing games you are currently looking forward to the most.

We surveyed the GameStar and MeinMMO communities, over 1,600 people took part.

Julius discusses your five favorites in a live talk with Mark from the MeinMMO editorial team and with Mary, who not only manages our community, but has also played a monstrous amount of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14.

GameStar Talk: All videos and podcasts at a glance

The first surprise comes at number 5, because there is ArcheAge 2 landed – the sequel to a 2013 sandbox MMO that’s struggling on Steam with just 52 percent positive reviews. But that’s exactly where the hope for ArcheAge 2 lies: The sandbox freedom has always been fascinating, the successor simply has to implement it better!

In fourth place follows corepunkwhich is played from the isometric perspective. And – apart from Lost Ark – it’s not that common in online role-playing games. Originally, Corepunk should have started the beta in 2020, but this was then pushed further and further. Also because the development team is based in Ukraine.

Third place goes to Genshin Impact… wait, no, just a game that looks that similar! Namely Blue Protocolwhich is being developed at Bandai Namco by a team that previously worked on the Tales series, Tekken and Ace Combat, among others. That sounds strange at first, but it is promising – also in the western market, where Blue Protocol is published by Amazon.

It goes on to place 2 with Throne and Liberty – a game that NCSoft announced back in 2011, then called Lineage Eternal. In 2017 the game was almost finished, but was withdrawn before publication, switched to Unreal Engine 4 and completely reworked. Let’s see how it turns out now that it returns as Throne and Liberty (aka Project TL).

Welcomed to the top spot (as expected) Ashes of Creationthe sandbox project of millionaire Steven Sharif (more about him and allegations against him on MeinMMO). With Ashes of Creation, Sharif is realizing his personal MMO dream, so to speak, of a world that can be shaped by the players. In previous tests, however, not everything about the game could convince us.

You can see the MMO ranking as a video above – or you can listen to the podcast:

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