These are the best Amazon Echo deals right now


When it comes to the Echo smart speakers, Amazon has a slew of devices to choose from, one for just about any occasion. Maybe you just want to add Alexa to a room, or you are looking for an Echo device that allows you to easily manage your other smart home products. Regardless of the reason, these are the best ultrasound deals available right now.

Echo Dot

Last year, Amazon released the 4th generation of the Echo Dot, which looks more like a sphere than an actual dot. But if you prefer the previous design, don’t worry: Amazon hasn’t discontinued the 3rd generation Echo Dot, which still retains the familiar dot shape.

During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, we saw the 4th generation Echo Dot drop to its lowest price of $ 30. But if you want an Echo Dot now, you can buy it for $ 35 Amazon Best Buy, or Target, which is $ 5 more than the lowest price to date. There is also a model with a built-in LED display to view the time, weather, and other information that can be purchased for $ 45 (usually $ 60).

Amazon also sells some bundles, including a $ 45 package with features a Sengled Bluetooth lamp, next to an Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug bundle available for the same price.

Amazon Echo Dot (2020)

Prices taken at time of publication.

The fourth generation of the Echo Dot has a more spherical design than a real dot.

The 4th generation Echo Dot Kids Edition is just as spherical as the adult version, but designed to look like a tiger or panda. The device also comes with a year of Amazon Kid Plus service, which provides access to a whole host of kid-friendly content such as audiobooks and games.

We’ve seen this product drop to $ 40; right now it’s on sale for $ 45 at Amazon Best Buy, and TargetAmazon also sells a bundle for $ 60, including one Echo Dot Kids Edition plus an Echo Glow

Echo Dot Kids Edition (2020)

Prices taken at time of publication.

Amazon’s child-centric Echo Dot device with parental controls and one year of Amazon’s Kid Plus service at no extra cost.

The 4th generation Amazon Echo smart home hub has also been given an updated look. Like the 4th-gen Echo Dot, the 2020 Amazon Echo has a spherical design, but it’s noticeably larger than the Echo Dot.

Currently, the fourth-generation Echo is on sale for $ 80 at Amazon Best Buy, and TargetIn addition, Amazon sells one fourth generation ultrasound for two Philips Hue lamps for $ 100.

If you’re looking for a pair of Amazon Echo devices, Best Buy sells an Amazon Echo two-pack for $ 160, which gives $ 40 off the regular retail price.

Amazon Echo (2020)

Prices taken at time of publication.

Amazon’s latest Echo speaker takes a new approach to design, opting for a spherical appearance rather than a cylinder. More specifically, for the same price as the previous generation, it sounds much better.

If you’re interested in a smart Alexa speaker with better audio quality and Dolby Atmos support, the Echo Studio is the Amazon product to check out.

There are currently no deals available for the Echo Studio, but it is available for purchase at the usual $ 200 price tag Amazon and Best Buy

Echo studio

Prices taken at time of publication.

A great sounding smart speaker that supports a whole host of streaming music services.

If you’re looking for an Echo device that functions more like a smart clock than an entertainment speaker, the Echo Show 5 is the way to go. The Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch display, so it can fit almost anywhere in your home. Not only does the device have a built-in camera, but there is also a physical shutter on the device, so you can block the view of the camera while the microphone is always on.

The Echo Show 5 usually costs $ 90 and we’ve seen it go as low as $ 45. Right now, the Echo Show 5 is on sale for $ 50 at Amazon Best Buy, and TargetIf you buy the Echo Show 5 on Amazon, you can also get a one-year subscription to Food Network Kitchen without extra costs.

Amazon also has a few bundles available; you can get a Echo Show 5 and three months of Amazon Kids Plus for $ 51, one Echo Show 5 and a 1080p Wi-Fi security camera for $ 60, and one Echo Show 5 plus an adjustable stand for $ 70.

Best Buy is currently selling a bundle with the Echo Show 5 and a 1080p Wi-Fi security camera for $ 60.

Amazon Echo Show 5

Prices taken at time of publication.

Amazon’s fully featured smart display that’s more than just an alarm clock. It features a camera that allows video chats.

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 has an eight-inch screen; it costs $ 40 more than the Echo Show 5. Compared to the Google Nest Hub, which is the closest competitor in terms of price and functionality, the Echo Show 8 is the better option for a few reasons: it has a slightly larger screen , better speakers and a camera so you can use it as a video chat device, including Zoom calls.

We’ve seen the Show 8 drop to $ 65. The Echo Show 8 is currently on sale for $ 75 at Amazon Best Buy, and TargetIf you buy an Echo Show 8 on Amazon, you will also receive one one-year subscription to Food Network Kitchen without extra costs.

There are also a few bundles available for a few dollars more. For $ 85 you can get it an Echo Show 8 and a 1080 Wi-Fi security cameraOr one Echo Show 8 with an adjustable stand for $ 100.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Prices taken at time of publication.

Amazon’s $ 130 Smart Display with a bright and sharp 8-inch display.

Amazon recently released a third generation Echo Show 10. This device has a 10.1-inch HD screen and, unlike the Show 5 and 8, you can adjust the angle of the screen with this model. It is also mounted on a motorized swivel base allowing the screen to follow you as you move. If you plan on making a lot of video calls, this is the model to get.

Right now, Amazon’s Echo Show 10 is on sale for the first time. You can buy the latest generation Echo Show 10 for $ 210 ($ 40 off) at Amazon Best Buy, and Target

Both Amazon and Best Buy also have a bundle with an Echo Show 10 and a Blink Mini HD security camera for $ 215.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (latest generation)

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Amazon’s new rotating Echo Show 10 has a motor in the cylindrical base that allows the 10.1-inch screen to rotate to find you, so you always have the screen in view.