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These are our favorite computer monitors

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These are our favorite computer monitors

Maybe not Think too much about your monitor, but whether you’re working or gaming at home, that variety of pixels illuminating your face is important. A computer monitor can greatly improve your productivity if you’re currently working on a laptop, and a dual-screen setup can go even further. It can also make your games or movies look much, much better (or much worse). The folks on the WIRED Gear team use these large external displays every day in a variety of layouts while we write our reviews, and naturally we decided to review them as well.

These are the best computer monitors of the many we’ve tested so far. There are hundreds of different types of PC monitors, so we continually test and update this guide. You’ll also find monitor buying tips at the bottom that explain any jargon you may not know. Be sure to check out other home office guides, including The Best Gear for Working from Home, The Best Laptops, and The Best USB Hubs and Docks.

Updated April 2024: We added Philips Creator Series 4K, LG MyView, Acer Predator X27U and LG DualUp as new recommendations. We also added notes on the BenQ PD3225U.

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