These are 7 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2021

Business experts believe 2021 will see countless businesses grow as more and more businesses look to digital marketing tools to reach digital-inclined audiences. Here are seven of the best:


Organic social media tools

During the pandemic we experienced this year, many people turned to social media platforms to express themselves, connect with others and find out what is happening in the world. The use of organic social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that are vigorously trolled by all sorts of audiences, is currently one of the most effective ways to market a business. Brand and product exposure via these types of social media platforms will naturally be heighted going into 2021.

Retargeted ads

Retargeted ads is a form of marketing that targets existing consumers. Existing consumers are sent ads, emails and other promotional communications related to websites or online stores they have visited or bought from. With a higher percentage of people more inclined to online purchases these days, this type of marketing strategy is looking to be a very safe bet to ensure better consumer retention in 2021.

Online customer service tools

Brands often gain a bad reputation for their management of consumer complaints and enquiries, and because an increasing number of consumers are reaching out directly to brands, instead of their retail providers, the use of customer services tools is all the more important. Most brands do not consider this, which is why tools like ZenDesk and UserVoice Helpdesk, LiveChat can really benefit a brand by streamlining its online customer service enquiries and responsibilities.

Content creation tools

The use of content creation tools allows businesses to market their business using a combination of images, texts and video, including infographics, blogs and shot video clips. This type of content creation tools, the top ones being Landscape, Canva and Adobe Spark, works exceptionally well when directed at digitally-active crowds. Learning how to navigate one of these content creation tools can turn out to be a huge advantage to marketing strategies in 2021.

Affiliate marketing tools

Businesses looking to improve sales or brand awareness employ affiliated marketing online tools, or companies, to sell and promote a business on their behalf, and affiliated marketing companies are paid a percentage of every sale that is made. Without much in-person, product demonstration exposure in 2020, people are more inclined to trust brand advocates and affiliated marketing companies that have experience with, and can attest to a brand’s quality and worth. Affiliated marketing tools is therefore a digital marketing tool worth considering in 2021.

Press releases

Never underestimate the impact a good news press release can have on a business’ marketing efforts. Press releases can generate social awareness, drive shares, and direct targeted audiences to favor a particular brand or business. Press release providers, some of the best ones being PR Newswire, PRWeb, and Sitetrail, create press releases that are distributed globally on popular news sites. Comparing press release providers is always in a business’ best interest, comparisons such as PR Newswire vs Businesswire vs PRWeb, are good examples and explicitly indicate the criteria businesses should look at in a provider. The use of press releases as a marketing tool is effective because they intersect entirely different global audiences to audiences of organic social media tools.

Digital marketing research tools

SEO tools and backlink checkers are digital marketing research tools that are extremely useful to a business’ marketing efforts. Digital marketing research tools provide insights into how well a website performs, daily traffic and search engine searches. SEO and backlink checker tools, such as SEO SpyGlass and Google Search Console, provide data about tracking ranking, monitoring backlink and keyword generation efforts, and also inform content marketing campaigns. Digital marketing research tools are must-haves for all businesses looking to optimize their digital marketing strategies in 2021.

Staying apprised of the best digital marketing tools is the best chance businesses have to reach online audiences in an impactful way. That’s why digital platform like Twitter are being more crowded than ever. Users are looking for Twitter tools to grow their engagement as fast as possible. Aside from mainstream marketing strategies, the use of these types of digital marketing tools is simply a means for business and brands to tap into the evolving digitally-inclined population of 2021.