These 6 Dog Training Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier

We all know that dog training is not always the easiest thing for a pet owner. It takes patience, time, and sometimes even money! But there are some tricks to make it easier to train your pup. Here are six of the best: 


Train your dog to go potty outside

Dogs are trained to go potty outside so that they can avoid accidents in the house. The first step is teaching the dog where it should go to relieve itself. To make sure that your dog knows where it should go, take your dog outside and reward them with treats or praise when they do their business. You can also use a command like “do it”. Make sure that you have a leash on the dog every time you bring them outside because they may make a quick dash for freedom and forget their training if there is no restraint.

Get a dog collar

The neck and throat of a dog should always be free from pressure or tension while wearing a collar. This can be achieved by choosing the right size collar based on the circumference of your puppy’s neck. Make sure that you take the time to measure his or her neck circumference before buying a collar so that it feels comfortable for the dog. You should never use one that is too loose, as this could lead to injury, and you shouldn’t use one that is too tight either, because this can lead to choking and breathing problems.


In addition to regular collars, there are other varieties of collars you should be aware of. Martingale collars are equipped with two loops, the smaller one being attached to the main loop that fits around your dog’s neck. When he or she pulls on the leash, it tightens around their neck to remind them that they need to stay close by. 


If your dog is barking too much, that problem can be solved with a collar. A barking collar will zap your dog if he or she is barking too much. This is a more humane alternative to yelling at your dog. However this is not a substitute for training, but it can be used in addition to training methods.

Socialize your dog

Dogs are social creatures and if they do not interact with other dogs or people, they can turn into anxious and destructive animals. Take your dog out on walks where you will meet other dogs and owners. You can find local parks that allow off-leash play for dogs. Just remember to have a leash on them when you are in public areas because it is illegal for them to be off their leash until they are trained enough. When walking them around the neighborhood, say hello to everyone you see with treats in hand so that your pooch becomes used to meeting new people who may give him treats like he’s expecting one.

The transition from puppy food to adult food

When your puppy is about 6 months old, switch them from puppy food to adult food. You want to make sure that you choose good quality dog food so that it will meet all of the nutritional needs for your dog as they mature. At first, just feed the dog small portions until they become accustomed to eating solid foods instead of drinking milk and eating soft foods. As long as you are giving them good quality dog food, this should not cause health problems.

Dog training in basic commands

Basic commands like ‘stay’ and ‘heel’ can be very helpful for having a well-behaved pet while on walks or at home inside your house. Both of these commands begin with cueing the behavior using their name. So, for ‘stay’, you will say the dog’s name and then cue them to stay while you’re rewarding them with treats and praise. The command ‘heel’ can be taught by having the dog walk in front of you at a comfortable pace that is neither too slow nor too fast. They should follow in your footsteps as closely as possible so reward them with praise when they do this correctly.

Step up your training program using clicker training

This form of dog training does not use treats or praise but instead uses a clicking device that allows for precise timing in relation to their behavior. When they do something right, like sitting on command, you will give them a treat and immediately click with the clicker device (it makes a popping sound). You do not need to use verbal commands with this form of dog training because it relies so much on the timing between the behavior and clicking sound. This can be especially effective in teaching dogs behaviors that have a lot of repetitions, like learning how to play fetch.



Dogs are man’s best friends for a reason – they’re super loving and loyal pets! Since they’ve been domesticated for about 15,000 years or so now, humans have had an amazing time trying to figure out the best ways to communicate/train them. Not only are their ability levels crazy impressive, but also their “human-like” characteristics make them incredibly lovable creatures to whom we feel pretty attached! So why wouldn’t you want your best friend to listen to you?