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Mrs. Puckridge plans to fly from Canada to a meeting of parliamentarians and supporters in Westminster on October 31, which has been called to end the practice that affects 550,000 retirees and could soon reach one million more.

She spoke with the Sunday Express before today's newspaper joined the campaign to demand an end to the practice that is submitted each year by a simple legal instrument placed in the Commons after the Budget.

Ms. Puckridge noted that the Prime Minister had sworn on the steps of Downing Street "to put an end to the fiery injustices" in our society.

She said: "I am very, very angry about this, I will tell Theresa May to do the right thing and pay us the pensions for which we work our lives.

"They did not give us any warning when we decided to move abroad because the government had canceled the brochures to save money."

He moved to Canada to be close to his daughter Diane Duckett in 2001, but then discovered that, despite working as a teacher until age 76, his state pension was frozen at £ 72.50 per week, if he had stayed in the UK Now it would be £ 125.95.

Mrs. Puckridge was only given an explanation in 2012 and the government said it was because "there is no reciprocal agreement" with Canada and some other countries.

If Mrs. Puckridge lived in the US UU Or the EU, would receive its full state pension.

"It is deeply unfair. We have earned this money working all our lives, "he said.

He added: "It has been made quite clear that the government will not try to obtain reciprocal agreements to end this practice as well."

The activists said that by moving abroad, retirees are already saving the costs of British taxpayers in medical and social care.

Ms. Puckridge said: "Fortunately, I have not had any health problems, but I know people in my situation who do."

An online petition supporting the Change.org campaign organized by Ms. Puckridge's other daughter, Gillian Mittins, has attracted nearly 210,000 supporters.

However, senior parliamentarian Tory Sir Roger Gale, who chairs the group of all the parties that supports the campaign and organized the meeting later this month, warned that with Brexit another million British retirees who withdrew to EU countries They are in danger of losing a large amount Part of their retirement funds with the scandal.

He said: "Obviously, it is very unfair that someone who lives on one side of the United States border with Canada is affected by this while the person on the other side receives their full pension.

"But the government's excuse that we need reciprocal agreements means that this problem is going to get much worse with Brexit.

"It's hard to believe that we will have 27 different reciprocal agreements with 27 EU member states."

He explained that the British government's lawyers had worried ministers by suggesting that they might be forced to make late payments that would cost billions to taxpayers.

But the senior parliamentarian said: "We believe there is a compromise: the government could now begin to increase pensions and regain balance.

"The problem of late payments does not necessarily have to be a blockade to put an end to this problem."

Tory deputy Peter Bone, who is also part of the group of all parties, suggested that the current rules had shown a bias against those living in the Commonwealth countries, mainly Canada and Australia.

He said: "It is completely wrong that part of the people who have earned their state pension with a lifetime of work should be denied.

"But it seems very strange that at present people in EU countries get the full amount, but retirees who moved to places like Canada and Australia do not."